OOTD: The Sweater Dress, Revisited

Is there anything more comfortable and stress-free to throw on in the colder months than a sweater dress, some fleece-lined leggings and boots? It’s the “appropriate for any Autumn/Winter occasion” ensemble and is the easiest thing to glitz up or go more casual with when using the proper accessories, makeup, etc. It’s also my go-to for work on hectic mornings and my mandatory uniform on the weekends when I’m running errands or meeting up with friends for lunch, dinner or drinks.

In recent years, for reasons I still can’t quite grasp, the sweater dress has gotten the undeserved reputation of being “sloppy” or “lazy,” and sure- if you’re throwing on a wrinkled or faded one- that might be applicable. But, if you have an eye for subtle and classy embellishments, an occasional daring cut and a color that matches anything and everything you pair with it- the sweater dress can be one of the most celebrated pieces in your Fall and Winter wardrobe.

Case in point- this black polyester and form-flattering pencil dress from Verdusa– which features a knee-high slit on one side and a row of simple decorative buttons down the front to give it a little something extra. I wear this one with or without leggings (depending on the weather), with heels or with boots- or with a light cardigan over it or my heavier black and white plaid coat- which is what I did during a recent trip to upstate New York.

I also carried my vintage Prada bag with me while I had this one on (it’s old enough to be considered vintage, I think!)

This dress was ultra comfortable when I was grabbing coffee by the Hudson River, and super chic when I found myself strolling into a wine and dessert bar as the day was coming to a close. It has quickly become one of my favorite pieces- and I have a feeling it’ll make more than one appearance around the holidays, as well!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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