Positively Bewitching…

Last week I had talked about my love of Salem, Massachusetts- and how I don’t typically visit in October- before I shared some photos from a recent stop at the historic House of the Seven Gables. That wasn’t the only place I visited during my mini-road trip/day adventure, however. In fact, a good portion of my afternoon was spent walking around downtown and catching up with my friend Phill who lives in the area.

I’m no stranger to Salem, of course. I travel there a few times a year for Phill’s WWE/PPV parties. I had supported a local dance studio in the area pre-pandemic before it became another casualty to COVID-19 closures, and I had attended weddings and spent New Year’s Eves there in the past. It had been a long time since I did a walking tour, though- and with the streets a lot less crowded with Halloween being over and the weather still being nice- I opted to take a stroll and grab some food and coffee before I ultimately headed home for the day.

After the House of the Seven Gables, I headed to Gulu-Gulu Café on Essex Street for grilled cheese and lemonade. They remain one of my favorite restaurants to date- and I’m so glad they’re open again. It feels like ot had been forever since I got to stop in there!

From there, it was off to the Red Line Café– also on Essex Street- to meet up with Phill for coffee and a little sightseeing. We made stops at The Witch House, the former home of the Salem Witch Trials’ Judge, Jonathan Corwin. Right down the street and within a short walking distance is both the house used in ‘Hocus Pocus’ and the apartment from ‘Lords of Salem.’

What I loved about pretty much every location was how most of them were still decorated for Halloween despite the fact that we’re now in November. Phill had been telling me about some of the Christmastime celebrations/activities and insanely intricate decorations around town when the season gets a little closer- and I’m really hoping I can check some of them out a little later on this year!

There were a few things I simply didn’t have time to do during my brief stay- although many of them were pretty cheesy- like the Salem Witch Trial Museum, the wax museum, etc. I also couldn’t make it to the beautifully constructed memorial for those who were tried and hanged during the height of the witchcraft hysteria- but I’m sure I’ll get around to visiting those in the future!

And I’ll snap lots of photos when I do, of course!


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