A Few of My Favorite Things: July 2021

With the end of the month just a few short days away, and my more comprehensive look back on these past few weeks scheduled to be published here on the blog around the same time, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my favorite things/products and random odds and ends that helped make this most rainiest and dreary July ever just a little brighter and easier to get through amid flooded roads, non-stop thunderstorms and rained out beach days.

This month’s assortment of items is small, but effective- and included one of my favorite Summertime scents, a skincare lifesaver that kept my complexion from becoming as dull as the weather outside- and a foodie-themed contouring palette that leaves me a little hungry every time I reach for it!

As is the tradition with all of my monthly “Favorite Things” posts- the items/objects/products I was able to photograph will be shared first, followed by the miscellaneous and not-as-photogenic things I watched/read/listened to and/or laughed hysterically at (you’ll see what I’m talking about below!)

So, without further delay- here were my favorite things from July 2021!

I’ve always been open and unapologetic about my love of candles and how there is almost always one (or more) burning in my apartment at any given time that properly reflects the current season(s.) This Summer has had my living room smelling like watermelon lemonade, my kitchen like berry funnel cake- and my bedroom like key lime pie- but as the season winds down I’ve been moving away from food fragrances and have been looking for more cleaner, beach-inspired scents.

I am absolutely in love with Wild Sea Grass, a Yankee Candle I had stumbled on while going through some things I had in storage and had forgotten I’d purchased double of. It’s clean, crisp- and reminds me of mornings at the ocean before the sun gets too hot. I’ve had this one burning for a while now- and every time I step back into my place- I feel like I’m stepping into a seaside cottage in Maine or on the Cape.

Unfortunately, I think this fragrance may have been discontinued for the time being- but I’m hoping Yankee Candle brings it back again!

Something that hasn’t been discontinued and has quickly become one of my favorite highlighter/bronzer palettes this past month is the Belgian Waffle palette from BH Cosmetics– and not just because of it’s cute packaging and tasty shade names.

With six buttery smooth and long-lasting matte and shimmer finishes that add a swipe of sunkissed bronze or a hint of neutral shimmer- this palette missed making my Summer 2021 Makeup Collection by just a few days- but I am obsessed with it and it’s $13.50 price tag.

I’m thinking of swatching this palette over on my INSTRAGAM– or doing a “get ready with me” type of post to include it/show it off- but we’ll see if that makes the posting agenda in the coming weeks!

And finally, there are plenty of ways to get a daily dose of Vitamin C during the Summer- including drinking lots of freshly squeezed juice, of course- but another way I’ve been infusing it into my skincare throughout July is with this organic, nourishing, and smoothing facial serum from scentuals.

A little bit of this serum goes a long way, and I use a couple of drops in the morning before I apply the rest of my daily moisturizes/creams- and then a couple of drops at night before bed after I’ve cleansed and toned my skin. The results so far have been visibly brighter, more radiant and even-toned skin- even on the days when I am feeling a little more tired than I’d want to admit!

And that just about does it for the things I could snap photos of. Naturally, a few other things made the list, too!

– Music/Movies/Television –

“I Think You Should Leave” – If you didn’t think I was going to binge the second season of one of my favorite, most insane and nonsensical Netflix comedies in the span of one afternoon and then spend the better part of July quoting it endlessly- then you don’t know me well at all. The new season of ITYSL goes hard- and is just as inappropriate and over-the-top as the first season.

Between the tables sketch, Dan Flashes, and a fedora with safari flaps on the back- I’ve got enough .gifs and screencaps to get me through the next couple of years for sure.


And there you have it- my favorites for July 2021! Another short and sweet assortment that has made this month a little more memorable!

I’m excited to see what makes the list in August- especially since I’m going to be traveling out of state in a few weeks!


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