Day at the Lake…

For the past few years- even before I moved to the Pioneer Valley- visiting Ashfield Lake in Ashfield, Massachusetts every Summer was a must-do. The lake is clean, beautiful, and within a short walking distance from downtown Ashfield. And, although downtown Ashfield doesn’t look like much- it’s very much a rustic place to visit and/or drive through- they do have an excellent pizza parlor tucked away beside a hardware store and beautiful, historic homes to admire.

So, during a break in the rain and thunderstorms this week- I stopped by for a quick dip and a few slices of pepperoni pizza courtesy of Country Pie Pizza.

As sleepy as Ashfield can be sometimes, there was a flutter of activity happening while I was grabbing pizza. Directly across the street- on the lawn outside the town’s library- was where the weekly “Kids Market” was taking place. Children from all over the neighborhood set up little tables and booths with signs they created themselves where they sell homemade jewelry, snacks, lemonade, and trinkets. It was so unbelievably cute- and the kids looked like they were having a blast. I made sure to grab a fantastic smoothie popsicle and some lemonade while I was browsing.

If you’re ever traveling by Ashfield- and don’t mind losing cell service for an extended period of time (it’s inevitable, really.) It’s worth stopping by to visit. If not for the pizza, the Kids Market, the lake or the overall view- then for cocktails at The Lake House and breakfast or dinner at the historic Elmer’s Store.


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