Hot Hot Heat…

I’ve been back home on the East Coast for just under a week now, but my tan lines and cravings for all things In-N-Out Burger remain strong and steadfast. I’m seriously wishing a double double right now, and any other fast-food chain for an impromptu “cheat day” just isn’t going to cut it.

As many of you know, I was in Las Vegas last week to help out with baby-sitting Kelsey’s children as her husband, Andrew, just started a new job where he’s been working an overnight shift for the time being. While he gets acclimated to the schedule and figures out preschool(s), Summer camps, and overnight care for the kids in the coming weeks- I stayed at the house to give the kids their baths, get them tucked into bed, cleanup the toys and prepare breakfasts and lunches for a few days. I also made sure to grab daily coffee for Andrew and I, as well as the aforementioned In-N-Out (I miss it so much!)

I don’t have kids, and I haven’t baby-sat more than one kid at a time in years– so they definitely kept me on my toes. They’re at the ages where they have non-stop energy and get into pretty much anything and everything they can- but the week wrapped up with no injuries or hunger pangs- so I think I did good.

Every time I see the kids, which is every few months or so now- they seem like they’re growing like weeds and just getting bigger and bigger. They also start showing more and more “Kelsey Characteristics” with each visit- from simple mannerisms to how they talk to the way they side-eye. It’s fascinating and definitely entertaining. I feel like I say it all the time- but that’s only because I’m left awe-struck with every trip I make to the West!

And while the kids were and always are my priority whenever I’m out that way- I took some time to get a few personal errands done, too- including stopping by a couple of showings and open houses for different apartments and condos on and around the Strip.

While I always have been and will always be a “New England Girl” to the core- I’ve been thinking a lot about making a move to Vegas. Not only to be closer to the kids and to explore new opportunities in my life- but also because it was something Kelsey had wanted me to do before she passed. She’d urged me to move out and be closer to her, to the point where she flat-out told me to move in with her and her family so I could get established. I’d agreed- only to have my world turned upside down when I lost her a short time later.

Being back in Vegas and not at least entertaining a few apartments felt like a disservice to her, so I went- and found a couple that I really, really liked- so we’ll see how it goes as this year progresses. There’s a lot of planning that goes into a big decision like that, after all- and I’m not one to not have my ducks in a row before I commit to such a huge change!

I anticipate I’ll be visiting Vegas (and California) again soon- since I have plenty of PTO at work to get me through the remainder of this year- but before I do I’ve got a couple of local, more coastal trips to make over the course of the Summer.

Unfortunately, none of them will have In-N-Out- so it looks like I’ll have to hit up some local seafood places, instead!


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