OOTD: Billowy Ballet

During the Summer, I am notorious for wearing swimsuit/bikini cover-ups pretty much all the time during the weekends and more casual outings. Be it because I’m almost always at the beach and they’re way more convenient to have on hand if and when I decide to just hop in the ocean for a quick swim- or because they’re just so comfortable- but they’re a quick and easy ensemble to pull together during hotter days and humid nights without too much fussing or overthinking it.

One of the newest additions to my collection of tropical print sundresses, terrycloth rompers and athletic-style shorts and tank tops- is this billowy, flowing, tassel-embellished and ballerina pink cover-up from Cozy Casual. Loose-fitting and not quite see-through, I can sport this at the beach over my swimsuit or with a pair of bicycle shorts and a bralette underneath and still have it looking chic and comfy for whatever Summertime occasion I happen to find myself attending.

I recently wore this one out for a warm and sunny afternoon where I made a quick stop at The New England Peace Pagoda in Leverett, Massachusetts to marvel at the structure and surrounding gardens. The dress seemed to match perfectly with the still blooming trees and flowers- and I felt pretty and feminine as I twirled around in the sunshine and in the peaceful quiet of the area.

The beaded tassels are a nice little touch on this dress, as well- since they mix up the fabric and color a bit- and are a nice little carry-over from the tasseled trends we saw throughout 2020.

I’m looking forward to bringing this one with me when I start venturing out to the coastal towns in New England in the coming weeks- including Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Portsmouth. This is going to look so cute at a seaside brunch!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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