First Taste of Summer…

While we haven’t quite reached Memorial Day Weekend yet, and June 20th (the first official day of Summer) is still kind of a ways off- I’m already in a beachy, surfing-on-the-weekends, tropical vacation state of mind. Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather we’ve been having around New England in recent days, or maybe the extra blonde highlights I got in my hair during my last salon visit have some sort of mystical connection to the sea and sunshine- or maybe it’s just because I’m going to be back in Las Vegas next week for an impromptu visit with my cross-country family and am just so eager to be in “out of office” mode- but I’m embracing the hotter temperatures and longer days a little earlier than expected this year.

Case in point? This past weekend I headed up to Rye, New Hampshire on a bit of a whim to spend an unplanned and mostly unplugged day by the ocean- soaking in the sun and the salty air for a lengthy afternoon until some early evening thunderstorms rolled in and caused me to take cover.

The great thing about visiting places like Rye, Hampton and even Portsmouth right now is that it’s still early enough in the year/season to find decent parking and a quiet spot on the beach before the Summer crowds and visiting tourists flood the area and make it next to impossible to get around by foot AND by car. Pre-COVID- it was definitely frustrating. Now? It’s frustrating and potentially dangerous. We’re still in the pandemic, after all (side note: please get vaccinated!)

So to be able to lay back, close my eyes, feel the breeze in my hair and actually zone out for a couple of hours in the midst of everything that is still going on in the world- was such a much-needed relief.

I did my usual shopping/splurging at Cinnamon Rainbows, and when I needed to refuel- I grabbed a smoothie bowl at Kooks– which opened back up for the season this past Saturday! I’d missed them so much since I’d last stopped in during Summer 2020.

For the past couple of years I’d been giving some serious consideration into renting out a seaside cottage for a week or so in the later Summer days for a proper New England vacation- filled with clambakes, whale watches and endless swimming- and this past weekend sort of confirmed it would be a great idea, so we’ll see!

In regards to my upcoming Vegas trip, I’ll still be posting as normal- with plenty of photos from the desert along the way- but feel free to follow my INSTAGRAM for more updates!

And a little later on this week I’ll have a look inside one of my favorite (and most comfortable) Spring/Summer outfits- as well as into what I bring with me on my carry-on during a cross-country flight!


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