OOTD: The “False Spring” Poncho

The forecast where I live is calling for 60+ degree temperatures a little later on this week, and although it’s definitely something to look forward to and a lot of people in my community are preparing to break out their shorts and sandals to celebrate the occasion- myself and many other longtime Massachusetts residents know better. I’ve lived in New England long enough to realize this is what we typically call “False Spring”- a few days of beautiful, warm weather before Winter shows itself one or two more times until it finally leaves for a few months.

While I’ve got my Spring/Summer clothes just waiting to be taken out of storage and hung in my closet again, I’ve been keeping a few warmer pieces around- specifically some outerwear- just in case. One of my favorite transitional Winter-to-Spring cover-ups to throw on this time of year is this navy blue and deep golden poncho from H&M’s former 1970s-inspired collection.

Loose-fitting, billowy and easy to pair with just about any outfit, footwear or accessories- this poncho gives me a little bit of coverage when that all-to-familiar chill in the air returns. The colors- while not bright or pastel or what you’d probably define as a typical “Spring”-esque combination- are also not too dark or dreary, either. It’s a great poncho to wear with boots and jeans or- when the warm weather does finally get here AND stay here- with shorts and some comfortable sandals.

This poncho also gives me a Southwestern vibe (I think it’s the deep gold shade, really-) so when I head to Nevada in a couple of weeks- this is definitely coming with me. It’s going to look great on the Las Vegas strip or when I’m out cruising around the desert and snapping some photos- something I absolutely love to do whenever I’m out that way.

But for now, I’ve been pairing it with my brown hiking boots, light sweaters, plenty of denim- and my favorite pair of vintage round sunglasses. It might be sunny, sure- but there’s still some snow on the ground, too!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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