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Another week, another series of snowstorms here in New England- and although I’ve gotten fairly desensitized to them having been born and raised here, the frequency that they’ve been occurring this Winter thus far has made my daily/nightly workout routine a little more difficult since I can’t safely walk my usual miles as the sidewalks haven’t been cleared- and the roadways are narrowed due to the accumulation of the snow- making strolling along the sides of the street considerably more dangerous.

I’ve become very good friends with my yoga mat in recent days as a result, although earlier this week- mid-storm- I desperately needed some fresh air to clear my head after a particularly long morning and headed out for a brief walk around the block before the plows and sanders began making their rounds. It was during this brisk break that I opted to photograph an abandoned relic from the past that sits right around the corner from my downtown apartment- the former library here in Greenfield.

Although I’m pretty thorough with my research into abandoned places around New England, I couldn’t find much about this looming beauty on the corner of Main and Franklin Street. It was apparently built in 1830 and was reportedly seized by the town due to owed back taxes in 2007- although they clearly haven’t done anything with it since.

And despite all real estate sites listing this as a single family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms- the etched “LIBRARY” over the door indicates otherwise. Additionally, there are some remaining stained glass windows that make me wonder if this was used for anything else in a previous life, as well- possibly a place of worship of some kind.

The library’s past is most certainly a mystery- but not nearly as much as it’s future is. Although there were no signs around the property that indicated it would be condemned anytime soon- it’s clearly unsafe and being significantly damaged by the elements and by a lack of proper care. I’m not sure if it’s on any historic registry that might save it going forward, either- so all I can do is watch it’s progress each day whenever I walk by it and see if anything changes.

I’d absolutely love to buy it and fix it up, though. It’s gorgeous- and I wouldn’t even remove the “LIBRARY” sign above the door. It gives the place character.


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