A Few of My Favorite Things: January 2021

As I’m writing this, another series of snowstorms are making their way across my part of New England and covering us with a few additional inches of powder- and while I would have undoubtedly been dreading that forecast a couple of years ago- the still-working-from-home, doesn’t-have-to-commute-or-shovel me is quite content with watching the snow fall from my window sill while I sip hot chocolate and bundle up in my warm and cozy apartment.

I think warm and cozy was an ongoing theme for me in January- especially when selecting my favorite things/products from this past month. After welcoming in the New Year, I gravitated towards items and surrounding myself with hues/textures that made me feel calmer and comfortable- like neutral tones and ultra soft fabrics. This past month was all about self-care and starting 2021 off the right and relaxing way- and I think a lot of what I’ve chosen to highlight and write about really reflects that.

I always start these posts off with the items I was able to photograph before I dive into the odds and ends that also made the cut- so let’s get started!

I’ve been walking and working out at night after work- and while it’s definitely cold and brisk the entire time- taking a hot shower when I’m back home and wrapping myself up in this super plush, cream-colored and hooded robe from Summer & Rose before I do some reading or binge-watch a little Netflix has made my evenings much, much better!

I’ve fallen asleep in this robe plenty of times since I got it- it’s that comfortable- and it’s also super easy to clean and dry so I don’t have to worry about it falling apart on me when I freshen it up every couple of days. It’s become part of my nightly routine and is easily one of my favorite Winter “unwinding” essentials.

I’ve been keeping my hair styling pretty simple throughout January. Some leave-in conditioner post-shower and then letting it air dry is my usual go-to- but sometimes I want to look a little more dressed up when I’m heading out to run a couple of errands, grab a coffee or take-out, etc. For those occasions- as far and few between as they can be sometimes- I like to get a little fancy with my headbands.

This knotted, dark red velvet headband from Lele Sadoughi not only matches my birthstone (garnet!) but also compliments nearly everything in my Winter wardrobe- from over-sized sweaters and leggings to fitted jeans and a faux-fur lined moto jacket. This headband is so easy to dress up or down and fits comfortably without feeling tight on my scalp or the sides of my head.

And on colder days when I need to cover my ears a little more, this wool, jeweled headband from Gingy’s in Newport, Rhode Island is a lifesaver. Also incredibly easy to match with nearly anything I wear- this headband looks especially cute with a high ponytail and a fuzzy sweater.

I’m going to be sharing another favorite piece of mine from Gingy’s a little later on in February- and I can’t wait!

Of course, I still take extra special care of my hair in the winter- when the cold weather and excessive hat wearing can make everything so much drier and itchier. Once or twice a week I use this deeply conditioning and detoxifying hair mask/scalp treatment from Voir Haircare to hydrate my ends, increase shine and whisk away product buildup and impurities in my newly blonde hair- all in under five minutes!

Not only are the results of this formula almost immediate and undeniably amazing (it’s great for any and all hair types!) but it smells so fresh and clean, too. My curls look and feel so much better after each use- that not even Nor’easters or having to wear a heavy hat for hours at a time can frighten me anymore.

And finally, I’ve been redecorating my apartment little by little over the course of January- incorporating more plants/greenery and neutral tones to create a truly Zen, calming space. Last week, while visiting with family after an extended quarantine for a belated-Christmas/Birthday get-together- my Aunt gifted me this absolutely stunning decorative wall piece she had made herself!

It matches my color scheme in my bedroom perfectly, and has since found a permanent spot right above my bed. I absolutely love it- especially the little pop of green!

And that just does about it for the photogenic things- but I’ve got a few more favorites to add to the list!

– Movies/Music/Television –

My New Indie617 Show! – Some of you may know that pre-pandemic, I hosted a Saturday afternoon radio show at Indie617 (based out of Boston.) When COVID struck and everything shut down- so did the show- until now, anyway. Not content with just being on-air on the weekend- I now host a daily morning show Monday through Friday, from 10 AM through noon! I play good tunes, have a question of the week, and discuss live streaming shows and new releases- all while interacting with the listeners!

You can listen at Indie617.com or download the free Indie617 app!

“Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer”: – Although the content is anything but relaxing or calming- I love binging a good true crime documentary/docuseries. This compelling four-part series about the crimes and eventual capture of Richard Ramirez in 1980s Southern California is a must-watch. It’s fascinating- and admittedly a little gruesome- but fascinating nonetheless.

If I had to make only one criticism about the series- it’s that they focused just a little too much on the cops who led the investigation and not enough on the victims or the victims’ families. They were featured too, of course- but they felt more like a footnote in the story. Other than that- I couldn’t turn away.

That’s pretty much it for January! A lot of comfort and care- with just the right amount of macabre you’d expect from a horror fan like me.

A little later on this week I’ll have my full look back on January 2021 before we head into February and Valentine’s Season- but I’m off to wrap myself in blankets and watch the tail end of this snowfall, first!


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