Local Loves: Northfield Drive-In

I recently read an article that speculated on the future of entertainment and cinema in the age of social distancing- and it was suggested that drive-in movies could see a resurgence in popularity since they’re a practical way to maintain a safe amount of space from other people while still being able to go out and enjoy something fun.

I can’t remember the last time I went to a drive-in, really. It may have been back when I saw one of the “Austin Powers” movies with friends from high school, or a “Jaws”/”E.T.” double-feature with my family- but it’s something I’ve wanted to revisit one of these upcoming Summers since we still have a few existing ones here in New England.

There’s actually one about a half hour away from me!

Opened in 1948, The Northfield Drive-In is a place I’ve passed multiple times during back road trips to/from Vermont. With one screen and an adorable little concession stand near the entrance- this family-owned business has been going strong Summer after Summer.

And while most of my recent “Local Loves” have been abandoned places and roadside oddities- the Northfield Drive-In isn’t forgotten by any means- it’s just presently closed for the season.

Of course, that never stops me. The dirt road to get to the screen is still very much open- so while out getting my daily dosage of fresh air earlier this week, I thought I’d stop by and snap some photos despite how windy it’s been around here lately.

Although it’s hard to add things to any “To Do” lists these days- I’ve added catching a flick here to mine once it reopens and it’s safe enough to do so. The space is perfect and isolated enough to make watching a horror movie a lot of fun- and we all know how much I love snacks.


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