Like a Fine Wine…

First and foremost, a gigantic and resounding THANK YOU to everyone who reached out to me yesterday, whether it was by phone or text or across various social media platforms, to wish me a happy birthday. I am so truly humbled by and grateful for the outpouring of love, humor and warm wishes as my day also happened to fall on the Lunar New Year this time around- which added a little bit of magic and mysticism to it all.

I was told the Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be all about relaxation, contemplation and quietness- which sounds quite nice right about now, honestly- but it was also the exact opposite of what this past weekend’s festivities ended up turning into!

On Saturday, I rejoined my friend Stef to begin production of our upcoming podcast season. We reviewed our schedule, got our new audio and recording equipment ready to go, and recorded our first episode (which goes live next week!) I also stayed for dinner, where we were joined by Sean- who’d driven in from Boston to hang out for a few hours. Little did I know the night would turn into a surprise party for me- with cake, presents, and an impromptu karaoke session that went well into the night.

Yesterday, as is my birthday tradition year after year- we got another snowstorm across Massachusetts- which made for some difficulties with any extensive travel, but it didn’t stop some of my family from bringing me gifts/cards or taking me out to dinner before the roads got a little too precarious. We went to The Old Mill, which has quickly become the go-to for special occasions. As always, it was superb- and we had a great view of the stream below and the snow coming down.

Even today, with my heading back to work for the week- I’m still full of great food and gratitude. So many thank you’s to everyone who made my birthday and the days leading up to it so much fun and so spontaneous! I absolutely felt the love- and believe me when I say it is 100% reciprocated!

Here’s to another trip around the sun!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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