OOTD: Vintage Velvet

Just a few short days into the 2023, we got our first (of what I’m sure will be many) substantial snowfalls of the year here in New England- with huge, fluffy flakes coating roads, cars and roofs over the span of an afternoon. Given that I was working remotely last week and live within a short walking distance of peaceful, picturesque trails- I took an extended lunch break to go for a quick hike in the storm and drink in some of the snow-capped scenery. I also took the opportunity to get some wear out of a now-treasured find I picked up in Brattleboro during a recent outing to an antique shop.

This puffy, brown and velvet sweater- a couple of sizes too big on my frame but oh-so-comfy nonetheless- was surprisingly warm enough to wear out on the trails with no coat (although I brought one with me just in case!) The fabric is a bit heavy, making it a perfect piece for the colder days throughout Winter, and the inside is lined- so there’s no itchiness or irritation when I’m outdoors for any extended period of time or warming up by the heater when I eventually make my way back inside to the comfort of my apartment.

I had worn this one with looser-fitting jeans and my gray, suede heeled ankle boots for the occasion, but given how the bottom part of the sweater has a little bit of a flare to it- I think this one can be work with a long skirt or dressier slacks for a more polished, professional look. I may attempt it within the next couple of weeks when I head into my office to see if I can pull it off!

I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this sweater when I did. Not only was the price a steal given the quality- but it has quickly become one of my favorite tops in my Cold Weather Collection (CWC) and a memento from a very beautiful day during a nearly perfect holiday season.

I know I’m going to be wearing it a lot more before the Spring gets here!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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