Local Loves: Twice Upon a Time

It’s been more than a minute or two since I’ve been up to Brattleboro, Vermont- nearly a year, I think- and every time I step foot in the quaint, picturesque little town amid the mountains I wonder why on Earth it took me so long to come back. It’s not far from where I live at all- and the drive to/from is just as nice as being in the town itself!

Last week, before we’d headed out to Salem for New Year’s Eve/Day- Troy and I had an afternoon off with nothing but coffee and relaxation penciled into our schedules. It wasn’t until we’d started talking about local places we’d never been before when he learned I’d never stepped foot inside his favorite antique shop- and before I knew it we were in the car and on the road to Brattleboro so he could show me Twice Upon a Time in person for the first time.

Family owned and operated since 1986, Twice Upon a Time is three floors’ worth of antiques, rarities and vendor booths filled with homemade goods for as far as the eye can see in what was formerly a department store from the early 1900s, and located on Main Street in Brattleboro. I’d heard Troy talk about it before, and had known he’d picked up a lot of the furniture he’d had in his former Northampton apartment there- so I was excited to finally get to experience it for myself.

Right away, I was findings things I wanted to buy and take home with me- books, records, jewelry, and lamps (I love stained glass ones!) We even found a real, authentic straitjacket that fascinated me way more than it rightfully should have. Troy pretty much had to talk me out of buying it more than once- although I couldn’t resist taking a few photos before being pulled away.

Troy and I spent a long time there, checking out every booth and hidden nook in the store. He’d found a few items to buy that he wanted to bring home to California with him, whereas I spotted and immediately bought a stunning velvet top that I cannot wait to wear in the coming weeks. I’ll be sure to take a few pictures of it when I do!

I’m so completely sold on ‘Twice Upon a Time’. There are plenty of treasures to find if you look hard enough, the people who work there are friendly and helpful- and it’s within walking distance of so many great cafés, restaurants and galleries- so you can make a full day of your time in town!

I’ll absolutely be heading back there soon!


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