A Few of My Favorite Things: December 2022

When it came time to compile my final “Favorite Things” assortment of 2022- I knew I had to be mindful not to forget any of the products, finds, gifts and miscellaneous odds & ends that have made December- a chaotic month in general- more fun and a little more stress-free.

Some of the things included in this month’s collection include makeup/cosmetics I was gifted by loved ones, some health and self-care-centric buys that helped me recover from the great Northeast Flu Outbreak of ’22 in record time, festive clothing I thought I’d lost forever- and recent binges that had me laughing and invested throughout the final nights of gift-wrapping leading up to Christmas Eve/Day.

Most of you know the drill by now since I share these posts near the end of each month! All the products/things I could snap photos of will be shared first- followed immediately by the random little oddities I’ve been loving!

So without further delay, here are a few of my favorite things from December of 2022!

First and foremost- I had been searching high and low for a dupe to this Givenchy lipstick (Le Rouge No. 338) to save myself a little money for the holiday season. I thought I’d struck gold at Ulta until I got home and saw that the Revlon shade I’d picked up had not only been previously opened- but tampered with to the point where it was beyond repair.

Devastated, I had told Troy about the failed mission- only to have the Givenchy shade show up at my door just a couple of days later. He’d splurged on the original shade for me- and I cannot stop wearing it!

Part of Givenchy’s 2022 Holiday Collection- this rich red (with a blue undertone, which compliments my skin tone) is a pillowy soft and long-lasting matte that doesn’t fade or dry out for hours. It’s perfect for the season and legit gives me such a mood boost whenever I have it on. I also love that the stunning silver case case can be used for refills- so when I’m out of product- I can grab a new Givenchy lipstick to snap into the case!

I had written at-length about coming down with the flu earlier this month- my first “down for the count” illness since 2019- and how grateful I was that with plenty of rest, a lot of hydrating and diligently taking medicine (as difficult as it was at times) had me on the mend within a few short days as opposed to weeks. Plenty of people I know who also caught it from co-workers, or their kids, or partners, etc. are still fighting it off- and there’s one product I stumbled across that helped make a world of difference and that I have been recommending left and right.

This all-natural vapor rub from Maty’s Healthy Products was a nighttime game changer. Infused with peppermint and eucalyptus, and free of petroleum or any hard-to-pronounce ingredients (which means I wasn’t left feeling oily/greasy or having any kind of wild skin reactions)– this rub sank into and softened my skin while simultaneously helping clear out my sinuses and alleviating pressure in my ears.

A little life hack: I liked to take a little dollop of this stuff and rub it into the tip of my nose at night and first thing in the morning when I was working from home for continuous relief!

Speaking of relief, when it came to my flu recovery and dealing with bitter cold temperatures outdoors and full-blast heaters indoors throughout December- this personal/mini LED humidifier from ICON became my best friend. Small, quiet and with the options for non-stop spray or bursts of water every 3-4 seconds (with spray time totaling four hours)– this not only kept my skin looking/feeling soft and dewy even when I wasn’t feeling my best- but it helped me breathe easier, too!

Also, this humidifier has a light-up function that made nighttime use even more soothing. You can alternate between a soft white light or swirling rainbow lights that are pretty fun. It comes in handy if you have to get up in the middle of the night!

I’ve been keeping this one on my desk in recent days, and I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot of use now that we’re in single-digit temperatures this week!

And finally, this “favorite thing” is a bit of a throwback in that I thought I’d accidentally donated this item years ago prior to moving into my current apartment. I can’t remember where I bought this ‘Fleece Navidad’ sheep sweater, which was a hit at every ugly sweater party I wore it to- but it’s soft and cozy and cute- and I was so distraught when I couldn’t find it in 2020 and 2021.

But earlier this month, while visiting my mom- she pulled this sweater out of a random bin she’d found it in- and I was overjoyed to see it again. I wore it yesterday to a laid-back Christmas dinner at my Aunt’s house, and I’ll be storing it a little more carefully at the end of the season so I can wear it again next year, too!

And while that may be it for things I took photos of- a few more things made the list this month, too (as promised!)


‘Murderville’ – While recovering from my couch a couple of weeks ago, Troy turned me on to this improv “murder mystery” series on Netflix. The premise is wild- but it works so well. Will Arnett plays a clueless homicide detective who is tasked with solving a murder each episode, but his partner changes with each new case- played by other guest comedians and actors like Sharon Stone, Kumail Nanjiani, and Annie Murphy. While Will Arnett and the “suspects” are in on the story- the guest partners are not- and they have to use improv and their powers of perception to solve the case by the end of the episode. It’s so silly and so, so funny!

There’s also a new holiday-themed episode available now that had me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop coughing!

‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ – I adored ‘Knives Out’, and it was one of the last movies I had seen in theaters in 2020 before the pandemic hit- so I was ecstatic when a sequel was announced with an all-star ensemble cast. It was released last week on Netflix, and was the perfect movie to watch during a snowstorm and with a pizza from one of my favorite local spots. The movie is funny and clever and full of all the twists and turns that made it’s predecessor so unique, fun and memorable.

I highly recommend it!


And there you have it, my “Favorite Things” from December and the last assortment of 2022! A fun (and healthy) collection this month, for sure!

Coming up a little later on this week I’m going to have my full and reflective look back on 2022 and it’s entirety before the New Year arrives- and with it will be a whole bunch of new favorite things I’m looking forward to sharing!


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