Countdown to Christmas…

The week leading up to Christmas and then the week in-between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are almost always a bizarre mix of both frenzied, last-minute errands and travel- and more quiet, comfortable and laid-back moments. For example, this week my full-time job has mercifully been pretty quiet and my caseload has been manageable- giving me the opportunity to relax, take my time with getting the jump on tasks I planned on tackling after the New Year, and catch up on podcasts while I plugged away at e-mails and correspondence these past few days.

My late afternoons and evenings, however- are spent picking up the last of what I need for Christmas gifts, wrapping, shipping/planning on face-to-face gift deliveries and finalizing my annual End-Of-The-Year posts and recaps here on ‘Coffee & Chiffon’ (all of which go live next week! I’m quite proud of them so far!) Given that I’m nearly recovered from my regent bout of the flu- I’ve been mindful not to overdo it or push myself too hard- but it can still get a little stressful!

Luckily, Troy has been here to help- even though I unfortunately got him sick, too- and we’ve been using my necessary outings to pick up more wrapping paper, gift tags and boxes to also go out to eat at some of our favorite local spots, or grab cocoa, or just enjoy a drive to look at holiday lights around the neighborhood. We’ve also been watching plenty of festive movies while we unwind and cross off things on our respective “to-do” lists- recently sitting down for the annual viewings of ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ and ‘Die Hard’ (it counts as a Christmas movie.)

After this afternoon when I pick up one final thing I pre-ordered, I should be officially done with holiday shopping- and can sit back and enjoy the rest of the week, the impending snowstorm we’ve got coming our way- and the incredible food I know I’ll get to experience over the weekend when I celebrate both my mom’s birthday (Christmas Eve) and the holiday itself!

And depending on how everyone is feeling tonight- there might be a public screening of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ taking place down the street from my apartment- one of my favorite traditions since I moved here!


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