Local Loves: The Christmas Barn

One of my favorite areas to drive through when visiting my mom or running any errands near my hometown is Woodstock, Connecticut. Among the picturesque views and historical homes are small shops and hole-in-the-wall eateries that make incredible food. Earlier this year I had shared one of the best antique shops in the area– but just down the road is another (seasonal) gem for anyone else who is getting into the Christmas spirit the way I am.

The Christmas Barn, located on Route 169 in Woodstock, is only open for a select few weeks/couple of months each year- and although it looks like a small, modest red barn from the roadside- the interior of this gift shop stretches far out and way back and is absolutely filled with everything you could ever possibly need for your holiday décor needs and both locally-sourced and homemade gifts.

I finally had the opportunity to stop by this past weekend while the barn was open, and I immediately fell in love with the wide array of affordable ornaments, candles, soaps and rustic, farmhouse-style décor that I immediately wanted to buy and put up in my apartment. I couldn’t help but snap photos of all the different areas of the barn while I was shopping.

And the employee at the front of the store handling check-out and customer assistance was so friendly, accommodating and provided me with information on the history of the shop. I couldn’t believe I’d never visited before now!

I picked up a few ornaments- for my mom’s tree and for my own- as well as a couple of gifts to use in baskets I’m preparing for some of my friends and family for the upcoming holidays. Everything was beautifully and carefully made and I know they’ll be cherished and appreciated for years to come.

If you visit New England for the holidays, and you’re able to swing by Woodstock, Connecticut- then you should absolutely check out The Christmas Barn while they’re open for the remainder of the season! I’m excited to take my mom in the coming weeks so she can finally see it for herself, too!


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