Cheers From The Pacific!

Good Morning from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! I arrived back in town yesterday afternoon/evening following an impromptu 24+ hour road trip to San Diego earlier this week where I stopped by to surprise longtime friends, visit some of my favorite neighborhoods- and catch a quick gig from The Killers (who I’m seeing again tonight!)

San Diego has always been my unaffordable and basically unattainable home-away-from-home- a place I’d move to in a heartbeat if rent/mortgages were reasonable and I wouldn’t have to work 3+ jobs or have a revolving door of roommates to make ends meet or live on the basic level of comfortableness. I say all this from experience, by the way- having frequented the area and knowing plenty of people who lived/still live in town over the past nearly twenty years. Until I save enough (working on it!) or win the lottery (working on that, too!)– San Diego is a dream that I keep written on my mental mood board.

But I digress, being back in town- even for a day or two- was wildly fun. I grabbed grilled cheese at The Melt in the Gaslamp, coffee at O.B. (and strolled the pier during a beautifully overcast morning) before meeting up with my friend Eric- AND HIS PUG!- in Old Town for tacos at Tuetano Taqueria.

My brief stay was wrapped up nicely with a quick Killers gig and very strong beer among friends at Pachenga Arena before it was time for me to pack up my rented SUV and head back across the desert to Vegas again.

And here I am- preparing for an extended weekend with more food, music and friends/family in soaring temperatures! I’m sure I’m going to have way more photos from this coming weekend in some of my soon-to-be-published posts- but you can also follow along over at my Instagram in the meantime!

See you all next week!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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