In Between Days…

Music festivals are always a fun and exciting experience, and I’ve definitely noted my favorite ones to attend over the years (when I’m able to, of course)– but to be present among old and new friends alike to experience a festival’s very first year is something very, very special- moreso when you realize what a monumental game-changer it’s going to be moving forward!

Such was the case this past weekend when I stopped by In Between Days Festival in Quincy, Massachusetts- which kicked off bright and early on Saturday morning for a full day of great music, games, food and superb local breweries showcasing new stuff. Featuring Sidney Gish, Tennis, and Manchester Orchestra- among many other independent artists- the all-day show had such a chill, positive vibe. Everyone was in great spirits- and the weather held up nicely!

I was graciously provided with a VIP pass (thank you, Michael!) so when the sun got to be a little too much for my very, very pale skin- I could sit in the shade among friends and colleagues who had also come by to watch the sets and wander different areas of the festival freely. There were free arcade games provided by Bit Bar in Salem (I crushed it at Mortal Kombat and my sincerest apologies to the guy I kept doing the Kitana fatality to!) food from The Lunch Box and Chillwagon, a wide array of vintage-inspired merchandise and drinks provided by Vitamin Sea Brewing and Widowmaker Brewing.

Side note- the orange pop sour from Widowmaker was life-changing! As was the VW-bus-turned-photo-booth they had on-site. I wanted to move into it and just live in there.

I had such a wonderful time hanging out with some of my favorite people and meeting new friends and faces, as well- and I truly think it was such a fantastic and successful way to kick off a brand new festival in the Boston area. I’m so happy for and proud of everyone involved with it’s development and promotion. They worked really, really hard and did such an amazing job- and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we really appreciated it.

The festival is returning next August (for two days!) and you best believe I’ll be there!


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