Beating The Heat…

Many years ago, on one of my older blogs and well before ‘Coffee & Chiffon’ was launched- I had done an in-depth “Battle of the Beaches” between two popular New England Summer destinations- comparing attractions, food/beverage options, ocean access, parking costs, places to stay, etc., etc. The contenders at the time were Hampton Beach in New Hampshire and Old Orchard Beach in Maine.

Obviously, there are so many other beach options all over New England- but those two had been the most coveted and visited throughout the Summers of my childhood and teenage years. It made sense to do an in-depth breakdown of them, first- but I’ve been so tempted to revisit the subject and compare other beach towns and tourist destinations in the area- especially beloved places like Rye Beach or Ogunquit. Maybe in the Summer of 2023 I’ll have a ‘March Madness’ style bracket where one beach will be victorious by the end of the season.

It’s definitely something to add to my “Post Ideas” list in the future- of which I have many!

I digress- this past weekend I again found myself back in Rye, New Hampshire (one of my personal favorites) which has substantially grown in popularity over the years- for some coastal cruising, tacos at my favorite seaside spot- and some shopping at one of the coolest remodeled, retro motels/surf shops ever. The Rye Motor Inn, which sits directly across from the water- is a newly renovated 1950s motel, swim shop and pool designed for 21+ crowds looking for an escape from the boardwalk insanity. Their rooms are adorable, as is their boutique- where I picked up a couple of new tops and a commemorative keychain.

Some of you may remember the photo of their super cute sign, which I used as a header when recently discussing blogging/resurgence of various types of media.

I’m looking into booking a weekend stay in one of their rooms to wrap up Summer 2022 once I’m back from Vegas in a couple of weeks! We’ll see how the schedule looks. I know it’d be superb for a photo shoot!

And if you have any beaches or coastal communities in New England you’d like to see me get in-depth and write about in a future travel/Summertime post- feel free to drop me a line!


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