A Few of My Favorite Things: May 2022

As busy and crazy and non-stop as the month of May has been and continues to be (at least through Memorial Day!)– I’ve been having a lot of fun and finding joy in pretty much everything- including the small assortment of items/products/gifts and impulse buys that have made this month all the more wonderful.

I’ll have my full recap of May up by the end of this week (I’m taking Monday off to rest and recover from Boston Calling and The Lumineers this weekend!)– but before I do that- I wanted to share my monthly installment of favorite things and finds from May 2022!

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Every couple of months I like to do a little shopping spree through Bath & Body Works so that I can have their seasonal scents within reach at any given time- and when I saw that they had launched a limited edition firecracker pop line for the Summer- I knew I had to grab some of the goods.

While the first day of Summer isn’t technically until June 21st- I’m already in a beachy, tropical state of mind (I mean, I always am- but it’s just much stronger right now!)– and I am obsessed with firecracker pops! This lotion, infused with nourishing ingredients and consistently one of my favorite B&BW products- smells absolutely delicious and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth for hours!

If you’re a popsicle and ice cream connoisseur like me- be sure to grab one of these to keep on your nightstand or in your beach bag!

And of course, I needed the candle to match, too. One thing I love about Bath & Body Works’ candles is that they’re strong- and lighting one can fill up my entire apartment with a beautiful scent that lasts for hours- but they do burn down pretty quick, so I tend to buy doubles of the fragrances I really like!

This firecracker pop candle was definitely a fragrance I needed two of. Like the lotion above, this one just smells like Summer- and my apartment feels like I’m on the boardwalk in Maine whenever I light it!

I love a good gag gift, especially when said gag gift features hilariously inappropriate drawings of cute animals! My dog, Oliver, has a habit of snuggling up against me like he wants to spend time together- only to get up when I go to cuddle him and stick his butt directly in my face. I swear he does it on purpose, and if he could talk I’m sure he’d be cracking up as much as I do whenever he does it- so receiving a matching card game that depicts other animals doing the exact same thing was a definite highlight in May.

‘May Contain Butts’ was a souvenir from my recent outing to Yankee Candle– and I cannot get over how funny the illustrations are. My family and I are getting together for Memorial Day weekend- and I was told to bring this along so we could all play!

And finally, the world keeps getting crazier and crazier- and with warmer weather finally getting here and staying here for the foreseeable future- I wanted to take more precautions when I go for walks, head to the gym, walk to my car at night, etc., as many people feel emboldened when they don’t have frigid temperatures or snow slowing them down.

My brother had gifted me this personal birdie alarm last year-and I’ve been carrying it with me more often when I’m out and about. I keep it hooked onto my key ring and, in the case of an emergency/attack- I can pull the tab to emit a very loud, high frequency signal and flashing light that will alert others to my location and temporarily daze any would-be assailants.

The alarm is small, discreet but effective- and although I thankfully haven’t had to use it- I feel a lot safer with it near me!


And that just about does it for my photogenic favorites this month! I don’t have much in terms of television, movies, miscellaneous things, etc. but I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to write about when I revisit my favorites again in June!

If you’d like to share some of your favorite things from this month, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment!


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