Catching My Breath…

May has been so insanely busy- and as we wind down towards the end of the month and I prepare for some big events and plans/travel coming up in June- I wanted to pull back the curtain and reveal all the things I have had going on as of late while I have a little bit of free time to stop and catch my breath!

My cousin Paige is getting married next month, and I am her Maid of Honor- so my days have been spent making sure arrangements are finalized, the rest of the bridesmaids are good to go, planning a small pre-wedding luncheon (which is happening tomorrow!) and getting my speech prepared while finding an outfit for the rehearsal dinner and deciding on a hairstyle given how wild my curls are at any given time.

Stef and I are wrapping up our first season of ‘Baking to the B Movies‘ in June (before we take a brief hiatus for July and return in August for another season!) We’re available anywhere where you get your podcasts so feel free to catch up while we upload the last few episodes of the first season in the coming weeks ahead!

I’m preparing to drop by Boston Calling next weekend on behalf of indie617. Three days of music, vendors, food and a lot of sunscreen is going to be pretty intense- but fun!- and I’m so excited to see artists like Orville Peck, The Strokes and Nine Inch Nails among many, many others.

I’m also doing some traveling between home and New York over the next few days- including tonight- to see a comedy show and to catch a set by The Lumineers in a few days!

And my dear friend Sean is commemorating his graduation from college this month! We’re celebrating with a cookout before the end of May- and I’ve got to pick up a gift I had made for him before then!

And all of this isn’t including my usual work schedule, a recent visit from Troy and time with the friends/family that live within driving distance from my apartment!

So as you can see, it’s been pretty crazy around here lately- and I’m hoping by next week my blogging schedule will be a little more steady/normal and familiar in terms of content- especially after I catch up on some sleep this Sunday (hopefully!)


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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