Spring Cleaning!

With warmer weather finally starting to show itself more consistently here in New England- I’ve been taking the opportunity to start a long overdue “Spring Cleaning” session in all aspects of my life. While I tidy up routinely throughout the year, of course- this current overhaul of organization and disinfecting is the first one I’ve been able to do with the windows open and the sunshine pouring in- the last time being in the late Fall of 2021 before it started snowing and the temperatures dipped into the single and negative digits.

My Spring Cleaning sessions include my personal spaces- like top to bottom scrubbing/vacuuming of my apartment and my car- but it also involves a digital purge, too. I unsubscribe from emails and newsletters that no longer serve me and are only cluttering my inboxes, I get rid of useless files and apps on my phone that I rarely (if ever) use- and I go through my posts here on ‘Coffee & Chiffon’ since it’s creation to make sure all of my media and links are still accurate and up-to-date for new and regular visitors alike.

Of course, it’s a bit of a time-consuming process- and one I’m hoping to have wrapped up by the end of this weekend- and it has left me little time to focus on anything else in-between working my full-time job and recording my radio show (and new podcast!)– so this week has felt a little lackluster in terms of content, and I apologize for that!

Next week, after I donate the last of the clothes I no longer wear and prepare to phase in my Spring/Summer wardrobe- I’m looking forward to my blog posts being back on track. I have so much new stuff to share before we jump into April!

As always, I thank you all for your patience while I finish tidying up everything for my own health and peace of mind- and if you have any “Spring Cleaning” tips/tricks- feel free to drop me a line!

[ The photo above was taken during a drive I had made last weekend through Connecticut! It seemed appropriate, given the topic of cleaning things up! I love that spooky house! ]


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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