Baking to the B Movies…

When my friend Stef and I met nearly twenty years ago (!!!) while working at the same small grocery store in our former little country town, we quickly bonded over many similar interests: music, art and especially low budget, bad horror movies and preparing/trying different types of food. Over the years, our common interests have pretty much remained the same regardless of the trajectories our lives have taken us. We still talk and hang out regularly in-between working our respective full-time jobs part-time hobbies- and recently decided to embark on a little project to combine our two favorite topics for discussion and put it out there for any curious listener to (maybe?) enjoy.

During a recent dinner together, which is always and ceremoniously followed by a screening of a poorly constructed scary movie- Stef and I were poking fun at it in our usual way when it suddenly hit us- “we should start a podcast.”

And so, at 12:34 AM that fateful night- we decided to launch “Baking to the B Movies”- a bi-weekly podcast where we dive into our best-of-the-worst horror movies (both past and present) while we prepare recipes that are inspired by the movies we review and dissect at length.

Our first episode is set to launch in a few days (and we’re sorting out the platforms we’re going to use!) where we cover 2003’s ‘Dead End’– one of the very first movies we watched together after we’d become friends. The episode is fun, full of exacerbated confusion as we try to explain the plot, loaded with spoilers- and probably riddled with technical errors- but we’re determined to keep it going and make it better with each episode.

And you can follow along with us! We’ve made some social media accounts to make accessing our episodes (and recipes) a little easier!

We’ll get more accounts set up shortly- but we hope you’ll follow along with the ones we have so far!

I’m sure I’ll have more news about the podcast as it continues to develop- but I’m so excited about what we have planned and what we’ve done already!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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