A Few of My Favorite Things: December 2021

Although I’m still a little foggy and groggy from this past weekend, which consisted of a lot of driving/travel around Massachusetts to deliver presents, indulge in family dinners, and catch up (with our masks up!) with relatives and friends throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day- I had a wonderful holiday- and I hope you all did, too!

As the month of December and 2021 begins to wind down over the next couple of days- I wanted to share some of the (mostly) festive products and items that have made these past few weeks, as hectic as they were at times with all the holiday preparation and traveling I did, merry and bright nonetheless!

As always, the things I could capture with my camera will be shared first, followed by the miscellaneous odds and ends that also happened to find their way onto this month’s list.

So without further delay, here’s my last “Favorite Things” of 2021!

Many of you probably know that near the end of November, after being blonde for oh-so-long- I finally returned to my signature bright red hair for the first time in nearly ten years. I LOVE the color, which I intend to keep for the foreseeable future- but I’m reminded of just how much care and effort goes into maintaining the red and preventing it from fading into orange, or pink, or just losing it’s luster altogether.

I’m due for a touch-up on New Year’s Eve, but leading up to that- I use this once-a-week leave-in toning treatment from eufora to keep my color rich and vibrant. The color deposit lasts for about 10-15 washes post-application, and the formula keeps my curls looking hydrated, shiny and healthy. A little goes a long way, too- so I don’t have to use a ton of this product to get my desired result!

Making the switch to all-natural deodorant can be a tricky but ultimately healthier path to navigate- especially since most people want to have the protection provided by brands that may use chemicals that aren’t exactly good for you. And, of course- you want it to smell nice. A lot of all-natural brands can offer one of the other, but rarely both in the same stick.

But Native Deodorant– which I’ve been using for months now- is the rare exception in that their vegan and cruelty-free formulas (all made in recycled packaging!) not only protect against excessive sweat, but come in a variety of really great scents, too! Especially their limited edition collections!

At the beginning of the month, I snagged one of their holiday-inspired deodorants- and while smelling like a candy cane might seem like it’d be overwhelming to the senses- there’s hints of vanilla to make it a little more subtle. I love how refreshing this one feels and how it keeps me smelling good for hours and hours.

This if the time of year where dry skin sneaks up unexpectedly and without warning- especially in the colder climates like where I live. I’ve noticed in recent years that I experience this most itchy and aggravating of discomforts on my ankles, elbows and lips- and proper exfoliation and moisturization is key when combatting it on a daily basis.

While I rely heavily on thicker creams and shea butter-infused lotions for post-shower body care- my lips require a little something extra to keep them from cracking or flaking whenever the temperatures drop.

This month, I’ve been loving this peppermint mocha-flavored lip sugar scrub and balm duo from NCLA Beauty to keep my pout feeling smooth, soft and looking kissable under the mistletoe. I just dab some of the scrub on when my lips are feeling a little dry to remove any dead skin and smooth everything out- and then apply a thin layer of the balm to hydrate and build a healthy, shiny barrier.

This duo smells and tastes wonderful- and it’s taken a little practice not to just lick it off right away!

And finally, when I misplaced one of my favorite red nail polishes while making room for my holiday décor in my apartment- I knew I needed to find a suitable red, glittery replacement for scheduled Christmas card photos in a pinch. I saw this inexpensive, quick-dry and long-lasting formula from Sally Hansen in the drug store while I was picking up some extra wrapping paper and decided to give it a shot- and I was pleasantly surprised with the results!

This color in particular, “Red Carpet,” is a deep wine red with just the right amount of sparkle and glitter to keep my nails looking festive. The formula is tough and pretty resistant- and I didn’t have to do any touch-ups until well after a week since applying it.

I think this might be my new go-to nail color in the Wintertime!

Of course, there were a few other things that made this month’s assortment of favorite finds, as well- although these were a little difficult to capture on camera!

– Music/Movies/Television –

  • The Wheel of Time – I’ve never read these novels by Robert Jordan, but I happened to stumble on the mini-series based on them (now streaming on Amazon Prime) while in Maryland last week and have really been enjoying it! It’s very much “Lord of The Rings” meets “The Last Airbender” in terms of settings and special effects- with all sorts of twists and turns throughout the story- and it has Rosamund Pike in it, who is simply the greatest in everything she appears in!
  • West Side Story – I adore the 1961 version of this musical, despite some very problematic elements to it- and I wasn’t sure how a remake was going to hold up all these years later- but Spielberg unsurprisingly knocked it out of the park with a fantastic cast and stunning visuals. Seeing some of the most popular numbers and songs reimagined with updated and jaw-dropping choreography was so much fun to experience in the theater and I’m so glad I gave this one a chance!

And that does it for December of 2021! A very Christmas-y collection of products, odds and ends! Very fitting for this time of year, of course!

I’m looking forward to starting fresh with my January 2022 list- which is always so fun to put together!


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