Local Loves: Wright’s Farm

With Troy back in town for a few days before he flies home to California, and us not wanting to keep eating at the same locations in the Valley over and over- we decided to take a trip down Memory Lane (see: Rhode Island) to have dinner at a dining/banquet hall that is a popular destination among locals and tourists alike- and was a place Troy and I often visited throughout our respective journeys through the same high school.

Wright’s Farm, also known as “Wright’s Chicken Farm” in Burrillville, Rhode Island- is a “all you can eat” style dining hall where, for a flat fee, the staff bring you and your party endless plates of chicken, French fries, pasta, salad and dinner rolls until you tell them to stop or pass out under the table.

Established in 1972, Wright’s Farm continues to be a must-visit location- not only for the fulfilling food and casual atmosphere- but because of it’s impressive and expansive bakery and gift shop, as well.

Troy and I stayed for a while enjoying plate after plate of chicken and sides while we reminisced over past trips to the farm when we were still in school- but I can easily see how people can and often do make a day out of it given how much there is to look at and potentially buy.

I’ve had plenty family gatherings at Wright’s- birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc., as well as more spur-of-the-moment things like belated-Friendsgivings or work/project-related meetings- and I’ve always enjoyed it.

And judging by how much food Troy and I ate- I think he enjoyed it, too!

If you’re visiting Wright’s for the first time or, more importantly-with a large party- be sure to make a reservation! I watched as more than one group of multiple people showed up without planning ahead- and they were waiting a LONG time to get some food. You can call ahead or make reservations on Wrights’ official website! It only takes a couple of minutes!


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