A Few of My Favorite Things: October 2021

When it comes time to narrow down my favorite things for the month of October, I’m always left asking “you mean I can’t just say the whole month?” Alas- these posts are always limited to products, things I’m binge-watching, a few odds and some of the ends I’ve stumbled upon during the weeks leading up to the final days of the month. Despite the fact that I am all about everything spooky and scary this time of year- I had to decide what made the cut and what didn’t.

It wasn’t easy- but I think I’ve got a pretty great selection of aptly-themed beauty products, skin care finds and gorgeous nail colors that were not only perfect for Halloween, but for the overall Autumnal vibe I’m feeling in general and will continue to be all about until we get a little closer to Thanksgiving and my entire world becomes everything Christmas!

This month’s “Favorite Things” post, like all the ones that have come before it- will feature the photogenic finds first before I dive into some of the shows, movies, music, etc. that have made October 2021 such a great, gorgeous and best-scented time of year for me.

So without further delay, here are a few of my favorite things from this month!

At the very end of September, I was running out of my body wash that I had been enjoying through the final days of Summer- and I knew I wanted something that smelled a little more Fall-esque as we headed into October. During a stop at Ulta at the beginning of the month where I was replenishing my mascara and setting spray- I spotted this Vanilla Pumpkin wash in the loveliest packaging from The Body Shop and knew I had to try it.

The formula is so creamy and nourishing- which is perfect since my skin starts to get a little drier this time of year. A couple of dollops lathers up immediately and leaves my skin soft, smooth and smelling subtly of pumpkin pie. I absolutely love this product- and I know I’ll be restocking if they bring it back next year, too!

Regular gentle exfoliation and proper moisturizing is key to healthy skin and a glowing complexion- and it’s never more true than when the temperatures start to drop and we have to add some layers to our wardrobe. This month, wanting to make sure I stayed ahead of the game and was adequately stocked up on products that would not only buff and pamper my skin but smell good, too- I turned to the ‘Bad Witch’ bundle from Truly Beauty.

The bundle includes “Plumpkin Spice” Plumping Polish. Infused with gold, vanilla and Vitamin C- this body buffing scrub sloughs away dead skin cells without being overly harsh or drying out the skin and while simultaneously smelling exactly like a Starbucks PSL.

I follow it up with “Marsh-Mellow” whipped body butter. This super hydrating and fast-absorbing moisturizer is infused with hemp and ginseng, and smells like whipped cream (which pairs nicely with the body polish!)

I’ve been using these products- which are GORGEOUS, by the way!- a couple of times a week and my skin had never looked or felt better!

Much like my body wash, the end of September saw me run out of my hand cream, too- left frantically squeezing the tube to try and salvage just a little bit each afternoon to get me through the remainder of my work day where my office is particularly drying. I’d heard good things about Hempz products- but had never tried them until I was gifted this apple cinnamon shortbread-scented cream by a friend.

You can probably tell this cream is infused with hemp seed oil (duh!) which leaves my skin so soft without any greasy residue or stickiness- but it’s the scent that absolutely knocks me over. This cream smells SO good! Like, so good I want to eat it- although I won’t- but it’s tempting!

Hempz also carries a seasonal collection of pumpkin spice & vanilla chai-scented products, as well- and I want to check those out before they’re gone!

When it comes to my nail color in the Fall, and especially in October/November- I lean towards more neutral, subtle shades. Caramel browns, light pinks or olive greens for more daring days. When I saw this beautiful slate gray shade, called “Cloudy Day” from Pacifica Beauty, however- I knew it was going to be my go-to for the season.

Free of harmful chemicals and both richly pigmented and long-lasting- I can wear this color all by itself without a base or top coat for continuous wear. It compliments every sweater in my wardrobe and every Autumnal makeup look I wear. It’s the perfect gray for every skin tone!

And finally, some of you may remember this cinnamon bun-scented matte lip gloss from my Fall Makeup Collection post earlier this month, but I cannot stress how hard Too Faced knocked it out of the park with this one. Long lasting, non-drying, and plumping all at once- this gloss has pretty much been my “every day wear” lip color since I first splurged and bought it not that long ago.

The color is so flattering on my complexion, and it smells delicious! It’s hard not to lick at my lips every time I put it on.

And now, with the things I was able to snap photos of out of way- let’s talk about some of the other things that made the list for this month!

– Music/Movies/Television –

  • “Squid Game” – After pretty much everyone I know told me I had to check out this Korean series on Netflix, saying it was “right up my alley,” I caved and put aside some time for a binge-session and I am SO glad that I did. Sure, the premise is dark and it’s pretty gory and intense at times- but the storyline is so compelling and I found it hard not to become invested in every single character and their back stories as the episodes progressed. I can see why this became such a popular series in such a short amount of time. It’s brilliant!
  • “Some Place Under Neith” – In the wake of the ongoing Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie saga, I began tuning into a podcast (part of the Last Podcast Network, of which I’m a huge fan) that is dedicated solely to highlighting and bringing attention to the unsolved cases of missing women around the world, from Susan Powell to Lauren Cho to the multiple cases in places like Peru or the Highway of Tears. The episodes are detailed, thoroughly researched and respectful of victims and their loved ones- something you don’t see very often in True Crime podcasts these days. I highly recommend it for anyone who was as invested in Gabby Petito’s case as I was.

– Miscellaneous –

  • Downeast Cider House Doughnut Cider – Okay, hear me out- I love a good hard cider this time of year- but when it tastes like an apple cider doughnut? Yeah- that’s what I’m ordering when I go out these days. This one from Downeast, which has been served at a few of my favorite local establishments- is one of the best- and the one I can order online to keep on hand in my apartment, too!


And there you have it- my favorites for October 2021! A lot of great fragrances, pampering products, and a few random things here and there for good measure. I know I’m still going to be loving a lot of this stuff throughout November, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else makes the list next month, too!

My more in-depth look back on October as a whole will be up a little later on this week- just in time for Halloween!


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