Stormy Skies and Skee-Ball…

I’m being completely honest when I say I don’t think I’ve seen the sun for more than a few minutes at a time in well over a week. Between the storms that have been blowing through New England from the Midwest and Tropical Storm Elsa making it’s way up the coast- the past few days have been filled with wild thunderstorms, heavy downpours and more than one gust of wind that has been a little nerve-racking.

Such was the case over the course of the Fourth of July this year- where despite the forecast- I’d traveled up to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire for an afternoon in what felt like the first time in forever. Intent on doing some shopping (and getting some funnel cake on the boardwalk while I was there)– I was pleasantly surprised when the clouds parted for a few minutes shortly after my arrival- giving me a little taste of beachside, Summertime bliss for my long weekend.

I’d mentioned a couple of days ago how I’d browsed one of my favorite shops from my teens while I was in town, but I’d also grabbed a “cheat day” snack at BAD BRGR, played my first official round of skee-ball for the Summer 2021 season at the boardwalk arcade- and cruised up the more picturesque part of the coast before the rain started coming down once more and it came time to beat the traffic heading back home again.

And since we love a good fireworks display here in the Northeast- a little rain didn’t stop *any* of my neighbors from setting off their own pretty much all weekend (and afterwards, too.) I got to see some pretty spectacular ones from the comfort of my bedroom window more than once- although my heart went out to the neighborhood pets.

I’m hoping that next year, when we’re even further removed from the COVID-19 pandemic- the weather will be infinitely nicer than it was this year and we can have a more traditional Fourth of July.

I love a good backyard BBQ, after all.


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