Local Loves: Deja Vu

I don’t typically travel to the Hampton Beach boardwalk during the peak tourist time frame (anytime from Memorial Day through Labor Day)– often visiting the area in the Fall/Winter and, of course- stopping by their annual Seafood Festival at the end of the Summer season each year. Traffic is almost always terrible, parking fees are criminal- and it’s just so, so crowded. At all times.

But given that this past weekend was the Fourth of July and I was in the mood to buy a couple of new Summertime pieces for my wardrobe- I braved the traffic and the crowds (which actually weren’t too bad- thanks to the on/off rainy weather!) to stop by a beachside boutique that has been around since I was a kid- and where I’ve always found some absolutely adorable additions to my closet.

Deja Vu was always the “go to” spot in Hampton for cute swimsuits, cover-ups and accessories- for as far back as I can remember, truly. Despite being embroiled in a scandal in 2012 with the previous owner selling counterfeit handbags after the location had become run-down and not particularly well-cared for- the shop, now reportedly under new management- is back to being a clean, organized, and legitimate business again.

After playing a round of skee-ball (as is tradition) at the neighboring arcade and grabbing the usual boardwalk snacks- I perused the boutique for a couple of comfy, flowy, return-to-office pants and tops that I can mix and match- and was not disappointed with the selection!

What I like about Deja Vu is that yes- a lot of the style is beach-inspired, and some of it can be a little over-the-top (even for me)– but if you look around long enough you can find cute, comfortable, appropriate-for-every-day pieces for a great price- and that has not changed in the many, many years I’ve been visiting.

I plan on stopping by during the Seafood Festival this year, where nearly everything left in the store will be marked down considerably since the shop closes for the colder months. It’s another great opportunity to find deals and steals for the end of the season!


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