Not-So-Local-Loves: Peppermill

Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada! I’ve been here since this past Saturday morning to visit with Kelsey’s family and spend a few nights baby-sitting the kids while Andrew is getting acclimated to an overnight shift at his new job. It’s been a blast so far- with a lot of games, snacks and more than one viewing of “Frozen”- as well as productive. I took some time earlier this week to check out a couple of prospective apartments for a potential move out here to the desert, and got my resume circulating amongst a few local attorneys. I anticipate I’ll be following up on all of that stuff next week once I’m back home and situated in the Pioneer Valley again.

Of course, no visit to Vegas would be complete without a stop for brunch/lunch at one of my favorite hidden gems on the Strip (right by Circus Circus!)Peppermill. I have Kelsey to thank for getting me hooked on this most tackiest- but delicious- of dining hot spots. She brought me there for the first time many years ago and I’ve been making annual visits ever since.

Opened in 1972 and with red velvet booths, mirrored ceilings, a fire pit and a lot of neon lights that seemingly have not changed much since then- Peppermill could have easily been just another open-all-night nod to an era gone by in Vegas’ colorful and wild past- but it’s impressive drink and food menu is what makes it stand out among so many others in a city that thrives on over-the-top décor and decadence. It’s impossible to have a bad meal there- with heaping, oversized portions and a little something for everyone in terms of flavors and cravings.

The last time I was at Peppermill was in March, when I brought Troy to experience it for the first time- enjoying his reactions to everything the same way Kelsey enjoyed mine. While he and I had enjoyed nachos and burgers during our visit- my solo trip a couple of days ago was commemorated with battered avocado slices and a BBQ slider with potato salad. It was so much food- but I regret nothing.

If you find yourself in Vegas anytime soon- Peppermill needs to be near the top of your “To-Do” list. Between the fun atmosphere and fantastic food and cocktails- this is the perfect way to begin your adventure or, if you’re saving it for last- the cherry-on-top dining experience to wrap up your trip to Sin City.


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