Local Loves: Magpie

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, today marks another year older, more stylish, fabulous and maybe a little wiser (that one is still up for debate, honestly.) And while last year’s celebration included time with friends and family- both in large groups and out dining/getting pampered freely and without a care in the world since the pandemic hadn’t reached here yet- this year’s commemoration of the event is going to look a little different, as you’d probably expect.

While I’ll still be able to see my family at some point in the coming week(s) albeit socially distanced, masked and after a quarantine by all of us leading up to the designated day- today and this coming weekend are all about decompressing, relaxing, and indulging- both in food and some shopping as a way to treat myself when others can’t do it for me.

I kicked off the “indulging” thing a little earlier this week with some takeout from one of my favorite restaurants- a brief and brisk walk from my apartment- Magpie!

Renowned and beloved by locals for their wood-fired pizzas and savory pasta dishes- Magpie has been one of my go-to spots when I’m in need of some carbs or am looking for something delicious and filling on one of my weekly allotted “cheat days” (birthday weeks don’t count, by the way- since every day can be a cheat day then.) They were one of the first establishments I dined in shortly after moving to Greenfield nearly two years ago, and now that they’re offering takeout only for the time being- I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of my favorites on the menu to bring home and enjoy- freshly baked bread with goat cheese and almonds, and a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

Magpie also offer a great selection of cocktails, beer/wine and desserts on-the-go, too- as well as plenty of gluten-free options. Their staff is friendly and efficient- and they’ve never made a mistake with any of my orders. I can always count on prompt, polite service and dinners that are fresh and cooked perfectly.

The inside of the restaurant is also really cute, and I can’t wait until indoor dining is an option there again so I can sit down and try more than one of their signature mixed drinks.

If you find yourself in my neck of the woods and are looking for the best pizza/pasta in town- definitely give Magpie a try. You can order by phone or online right now- and everything is completely customizable based on your personal tastes, any allergies you may have, etc. It’s a super simple way to get amazing food in the Pioneer Valley!


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