A Few of My Favorite Things: November 2020

With Thanksgiving completed and in the books and Christmas now the next holiday/hurdle to get through to the best of our abilities in our “new normal,” my focus- and my posts- are going to be a lot more festive in the coming weeks. Despite everything going on in the world, it’s a time to be joyous and generous- and I want to be as optimistic and have as much fun as possible during what is typically such a beautiful and busy time of year. I have holiday recipes, outfits and Christmas-y locations to share as I finalize my gift shopping and prepare for the coming New Year.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself too much. It’s still November, after all- and while I have my full look back on this past month ready to go for early next week (after I recover from my post-Thanksgiving food coma) today I wanted to talk all about the products, odds and ends that helped me get through this month and the end of the Fall season.

You all should know the drill by now- I share the items I was able to photograph first- and then close out the post with the miscellaneous things like movies, music or apps/games.

So without further delay- here’s my favorite things for November 2020!

Ever since I received the Bomb Dot Com eyeshadow palette from Jolie Beauty earlier this month- I’ve been playing with and mixing their super pigmented glitter shadows daily- creating unique and different looks for fun while I’m quarantining at home or for show when I’m out walking/hiking, grocery shopping, etc. The shadows are buttery smooth, long-lasting and strikingly beautiful.

I wrote a detailed review of the palette at the beginning of November, which you can read HERE.

I know I’m going to be wearing these shades regularly through the upcoming holidays since I love looking a little more sparkly around Christmas and New Years!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few genetic blessings passed down to me through my family- including long eyelashes, nice cheekbones- and fuller lips. When I know I’m going to be photographed or on days when my lips are feeling a little dry and lifeless, however (i.e. the colder months in New England) I like to give them a little boost via gentle suction with my PMD “Kiss System.”

While the device might sound terrifying- it’s so unbelievably simple and painless and the results are clearly visible for hours. You simply dab some of the serum on clean, dry lips- and use the suction device for a few seconds at a time, moving from one quarter of your mouth to the next. It doesn’t hurt at all (it feels like a gentle tugging on your lips that can be released easily) and your mouth immediately looks fuller and plumper. From there, apply your gloss or lipstick of choice- and you’re ready to go!

The device has long-term anti-aging benefits when used daily, too- so I typically take a couple of minutes during my morning and evening routine to treat my mouth and boost my collagen- and I’m loving the way it’s been looking and feeling lately!

I try not to dive into Christmas music, décor, etc. too early- doing my best to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to dig out my tree and start listening to Bing Crosby- but this year I admittedly got a head start. My apartment is already decorated, I’ve been humming along to Frank Sinatra’s Christmas albums while I’m driving- and I bought some Victoria’s Secret holiday-inspired pajamas (and matching slippers) for when it’s time to lounge and enjoy some cocoa by the faux-fireplace.

I’ve been loving (and living in) these red sparkly flannels and pink & black thermal pajamas in recent weeks- which make me feel cute and cozy and keep me warm when my apartment gets a little drafty (high ceilings! It happens sometimes!)- and the slippers are cute enough to go and check my mail in without feeling embarrassed if I’m spotted in them. How adorable are they?

And finally- it was hard bidding farewell and phasing out my Autumnal/Fall-inspired candles- but I knew Bath & Body Works would make the transition into their holiday collection easy. November saw me easing into fragrances like Spiced Apple Toddy, Vanilla Bean Noel- and my two personal favorites- Sugared Snickerdoodle and Hot Cocoa with Cream.

My apartment now smells just as festive as it looks- and I think it’s safe to say I’m fully in the Christmas spirit for December.

I think that’s everything that wasn’t camera shy this month- but a couple of other things made the list, too!

– Movies/Music/Television –

“The Crown” – I’m so, so late to this one- but everyone I know was raving about the latest season (which dives into events surrounding the early years of Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage) so much that I had to check it out for myself- and it was brilliant. While the accuracy of events depicted and dramatized may be disputed, particularly by surviving members of the Royal Family- I still enjoyed the acting, the costumes- and Olivia Colman- who is just so phenomenal in everything.

“The Queen’s Gambit” – Another incredible (mini) series I was just a few weeks behind on watching! I love a series I can escape to/with- and this drama, starring the looks-good-in-every-hair-color Anya Taylor-Joy- was a show I could just watch through the end, unplug and completely shut out the rest of the world in the process while being absolutely immersed in the plot and the characters.

2020 could have used more “forget the world for a few hours/days” shows like that, honestly.

Both “The Crown” and “The Queen’s Gambit” are currently available on Netflix, by the way!

And I think that’s it for November 2020’s Favorites! I’m going to have to go big for December, what with it being the end of the year and all- so we’ll see what makes the cut!


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