Holiday Prep with Jolie Beauty

When I worked in cosmetics in what feels like a lifetime ago, I’ll never forget the day I had an older woman, maybe in her late 40s/early 50s (and I say that having been in my early twenties at the time) sit down in my chair with the intention of finding a new eye look for the Winter season. At the time, the brand I worked for had just released a shimmery, glittery and metallic-finish eye shadow palette that I had personally adored and couldn’t wait to show off to others because the shades were perfect for the colder New England days that were just around the corner.

I’d gone to apply some on my customer, who seemed a little uncertain at first. She’d told me- and I’ll never forget this- “I think I might be too old for shimmer and glitter.”

I was taken aback by the comment, because I didn’t think there was any age limit to embracing sparkly makeup, clothing, accessories and jewelry. If it makes you feel happy and beautiful- then who cared how old you were? I asked her to let me at least try it on her, just for fun and- if she hated it- I’d take it off immediately and we could lean towards something more within her comfort zone.

She ended up loving the palette- maybe even more than I did- and purchased it from me that day. A couple of months later, she came to replenish it once she’d hit pan on all of the shades. Too old for shimmer and glitter? Never.

I’m still all about a pop of sparkle and a little flash- especially around the holidays when I’m a girl-on-the-go and want my outfit or my makeup to properly reflect just how giddy and excited I am on the inside. And, in today’s current mandatory-mask-wearing state of things- there’s no better way to sport a good glitter than on your eyes.

Which is why I’m so very excited to team up with Jolie Beauty to talk about their amazing- and festive!- Bomb Dot Com eyeshadow palette! Featuring 24 highly pigmented pressed glitter shades that range anywhere from deep blues, soft pinks, and bold golds- you can create any look to match your mood (or your outfit!) I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with aquas, rose hues, and reds in recent days- and I know that the closer we get to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m going to be kicking up the greens and silvers a lot more, too.

Best of all? These shadows are super long-lasting. With a primer and a setting spray, I’ve had all-day sparkle with no creasing, flaking or fading- so I didn’t have to worry about constant reapplications or touchups.

Jolie Beauty are a vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics company based out of the United Kingdom and founded by a team of makeup artists who have worked with a wide array of brands and personally test each of the products created. Their high quality makeup and brushes are fairly priced and can be shipped internationally.

Below, I’ve provided a glimpse of a few of my favorite color combinations (so far!)

And if you’re looking for different colors that may not be included in Bomb Dot Com- you’re in luck- because Jolie Beauty have an extensive collection of glitter eyeshadow palettes available for you to check out!

So don’t be afraid of sparkling. I can assure you, there’s no age limit or restrictions- it’s truly for everyone bold enough to wear it- and what better time of year to get your glitter on than the upcoming holiday season?


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