OOTD: Snuggly Scarfigans…

Since this pandemic started, I’ve been visiting with my mother bi-weekly (as opposed to 2-3x a week, which was our previous arrangement back when I was still commuting to/from work.) Both her and I have been actively socially distancing from well, everyone- and wearing our masks/obsessively washing our hands- so we’re confident that when we do meet up we are healthy and symptom-free.

Our hangouts are usually uneventful. We pick up groceries. We bake desserts together. We watch TV and movies or have a drink and talk about what a crazy year it’s been (and our hopes for the future.) Occasionally, we’ll go for a drive to get some fresh air. It’s something to look forward to during the everyday routine of working from home and staying isolated. I’ve always been close to my mom, so not being able to see her as frequently as I used to is devastating for us both.

During one of our recent weekends together, I decided to take my mom out to my neighborhood and, specifically- Historic Deerfield- which is one of our favorite places to visit together when she’s out my way. We love the old houses and the small businesses that line the main street. We like to stroll the neighborhood and admire the décor, snap photos, and grab some cocoa (or cider) before we head off to my apartment or to do some shopping.

On the day we visited, it was sunny- but chilly- outside. The perfect Fall day. I had been wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt (with my wool wide-brimmed hat- as is tradition) but hadn’t thought to bring a hoodie. What I did bring, however- was this light pink/white woven “scarfigan” with fringe by SOIA & KYO– which is exactly the scarf-cardigan hybrid you’d imagine when hearing the name.

This lovely and cozy piece drapes over my shoulders and is easy to bundle up with when the temperatures start to dip. It also made the background pop when my mom told me to pose in front of one of our favorite houses- which had quite the elaborate pumpkin display out front.

I have a feeling I’ll be wearing a lot of this “scarfigan” well into the Winter since it did a fantastic job of keeping me warm- and it’s going to come in handy under my jackets and scarves when those New England single digit temperatures get here.

But for now, it’s one of my favorite Fall pieces to wear over minimal layers while I’m out and about!


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