Local Loves: Giovanni’s Ristorante

Up until last Summer, I had no idea that Florida, Massachusetts was a real place that existed out here in Western Massachusetts. The first time I ever passed through the area was while Troy and I were en route to a show at MASS MoCA (and taking the scenic way.)

While I don’t remember much of Florida apart from seeing a church and a lot of trees- I do remember passing Giovanni’s Motel and Ristorante nestled on the side of Route 2 Westbound. As a lover of all things abandoned (and a little creepy)– I knew I wanted to go back eventually to get a better look.

I got my chance this past weekend when, while out for a drive to get some much needed fresh air- I once again found myself heading Westbound on the Mohawk Trail.

I couldn’t find much in terms of Giovanni’s history- when it opened or closed- but I think it’s been abandoned for a considerable amount of time given that the roof of the motel is pretty much gone and the grounds appear to have been overgrown for quite a while. I had wanted to get closer to the structures, but the ground itself was uneven and sunken in throughout certain areas. I believe there had previously been a swimming pool there- and that’s usually a good indication that it’s dangerous to venture into. I stayed a safe enough distance away to snap some photos.

One of the things that strikes me as the most interesting thing about this location is that there is literally nothing around it for miles. This was a place people traveled to the middle of nowhere to dine/drink/stay in- which always gets me curious about the type of people who worked there or visited there regularly. Where were they from and what did they do? Was the place nice back when it was at it’s peak? Why did it close down and why hasn’t anyone made any attempts to restore it?

So many questions and sadly- not too many answers.

If you ever find yourself on Route 2 West- you can’t miss this one. It’s the only building for a good stretch of road. Slow down and take a look for yourself.


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