Some Light Housekeeping…

As we enter the final few days of April 2023 and I return to my office bright and early this morning (after predominantly working from the comforts of a cozy house in Maryland for most of last week,) I’ve been preparing my usual end-of-the-month themed posts that’ll be up and running later on this week while recovering from a very busy weekend that was spent taking care of a few commitments and pressing matters. I’m very much looking forward to getting some sleep at some point tonight!

I had flown home from Maryland on Thursday afternoon (and Baltimore to Boston is such a quick and painless flight!) after I’d finished work for the day, only to get right back into it on Friday morning in-between catching up on mail and restocking the refrigerator in my apartment- something I’d put off doing before my trip. One of my biggest food pet peeves is when people buy fruits or vegetables and then they subsequently spoil or expire due to travel plans. I hate wasting things and actively try to avoid it at all costs-even if it means coming home to an empty kitchen and that I need to go shopping right after I come home from a trip.

I’d also needed to get the ingredients for a visit to Stef’s house on Saturday morning, where I was preparing a dish while we recorded the next couple of episodes of our podcast. Both her creation and mine were whipped up from scratch- and I have to say the presentation was half of the fun (other than eating what we’d made!)

And the on Sunday, my day was completely dedicated to my beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Oliver. While in Maryland, my mother had called me to inform me that she’d noticed he’d been favoring one of his paws when he attempted to walk/run, resulting in a slight limp. Although I can’t believe it given how active and playful he is- Oliver is technically a senior dog- so I was immediately worried, especially given there were no visible signs of injury.

Once I was home and able to check him out myself, it became obvious that one of his claws was causing an issue- and it was nothing that couldn’t be resolved with a phone call to his groomer- who was able to see him in the afternoon to buff down and smooth his nails. No sooner had she finished, he was back to his usual self- running, jumping and wanting to play. It was SUCH a relief- and I’m so grateful he’s okay.

We celebrated with a stop at Hot Dog Annie’s on our way home, which made him very happy- and I couldn’t help but buy him a new toy (an over-sized plush sandwich sub) because he was such a brave boy.

And now that everyone is doing/feeling better and relaxing as much as we can- I’m excited to ride out the rest of April and share some of my favorites and highlights from this month in the days ahead!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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