OOTD: Pumpkins and Puffy Vests

It was entirely too perfect for the first weekend of October to be cloudy (with occasional bursts of sunshine) and crisp- with cool breezes that didn’t feel like you were being chilled to the bone when they hit you, but were just strong enough to give the leaves that were ready to fall off the trees that little extra push they needed to break free.

This past weekend also saw me heading up to Vermont for one of my first pumpkin patch/picking adventures with my friend Dan and his family- who were visiting from New York for the day and wanted to meet up for their annual farm visit and a quick lunch. Given the true New England Autumnal forecast- it seemed like just as good a time as any to break out my burgundy, zip-up thermal vest from Market & Spruce to keep me warm- and looking chic!- and give me some extra pockets to work with since my hands were going to be full at the farm.

I paired this vest with a lightweight black turtleneck underneath, my smoky gray skinny jeans- and black faux-leather knee-high boots since I was going into some taller grass around the pumpkin patch. Not only was I comfortable, but the extra pockets came in handy when I was carrying pumpkins that were bigger than my head and needed a safe place to keep my keys and my phone.

I can’t remember the last time I wore an “outdoorsy” vest like this- maybe the first couple of Falls after high school, since I’ve always gravitated towards fitted coats and hoodies in cooler/colder weather- but I’m definitely a believer again. I’m all about the resurgence of vests like these, and I’m going to be picking up a few different shades of this style!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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