OOTD: Patriotic Pin-Up

My style and fashion sense has always been sort of a mixed bag, and I draw inspiration from all sorts of trends- past and present- eras, decades and icons. Part of the reason is the seasonal changes here in New England. I might dress like a boho-inspired beach bunny in the Summertime, but come Fall and Winter- I’m all about cozy sweaters and knee-high boots. And then when Spring rolls around- I’m pining over florals and pastels to wear in the garden or out on picnics.

But the biggest reason I’m always changing my look and my style is because I simply love trying new things and experimenting with my wardrobe too much to just stick to anything permanently or too long-term. I live for the variety and unexpected things in life- clothing, shoes and accessories included.

However, one style I have forever been obsessed with, devoted to and wear more often than anything else in my closet are the retro, form-flattering cuts and prints inspired by iconic pin-ups like Bettie Page (forever my style icon!) and Tempest Storm. I’ve shared a couple of my favorite pieces in past OOTD posts- like THIS ONE and more recently, THIS ONE– but I figured since the Fourth of July is just a couple of days away- I’d share a festive swimsuit I absolutely adore, too.

This slimming-but-super-comfortable one piece swimsuit from Ekouaer is a gem. The halter-style top and straps are completely adjustable, there are boy shorts built into the bottom so you can move around freely- and the bow and buttons that decorate the front give it such a fun, nautical vibe. I love lounging and swimming in this one- and I am just actively seeking out occasions and places to wear it out at all times at this point.

Ekouaer also has a ton of color combinations/prints for this style, too! I’m thinking about grabbing a couple of extras for backup for my next vacation (or stay-cation- depending on the mood.)

If you couldn’t tell from the photos- this is hands down my favorite swimsuit I’ve ever owned- and I’ve owned a LOT. I have a feeling I’ll probably wear this on the Fourth of July this weekend, too- even if there’s no pool, lake or beach in sight.

It’s just too cute not to!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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