A Few of My Favorite Things: June 2021

Summertime is well underway, and as we prepare for an impending heat wave in the Northeast this week and upcoming Fourth of July plans this coming weekend- I wanted to take some time (while sitting in front of my air conditioner, of course) to talk about some of the products, items and miscellaneous odds and ends that made these past few weeks more comfortable, clear and chill- despite the gradually rising temperatures and stifling humidity.

This is my monthly “Favorites” round-up, which always prefaces my more in-depth look back on the month that was and will be published a little later on this week before we launch into July. In keeping up with tradition, the items/products I was able to capture photos of will be shared first- followed by the things that were a little harder to summarize in a picture (i.e. television shows, movies, music, etc.)

June was all about staying cool and comfy- with the best pair of stylish and universally flattering shoes, an all-natural deodorant that is actually *fun* to apply, and a little, lightweight device that stops troublesome blemishes in their tracks- among plenty of other things!

So let’s take a look at a few of my favorite things for June of 2021!

Finding chic shoes that go with pretty much any Summer ensemble while simultaneously being comfortable and affordable- and aren’t flip flops- can be a little tricky. In Summers of my past I’ve had to sacrifice support for style, or style for support- and either choice usually left me feeling uncomfortable (or, at the worst- blistered and bleeding.)

Thankfully, I found my ideal slip-on sneaker from Sperry this month. With a simple stripe pattern and barrel laces- which gives them a fun, coastal vibe- these are such a great, everyday shoe that look super cute with everything and offer great support so that my feet and legs aren’t aching by the end of the day. I’ve been wearing them non-stop throughout June- and I know I’ll keep them on throughout July and August, as well!

Summer means sweat, and that’s okay- we all do it. In my never-ending quest to make more healthy and mindful choices with what I put in and on my body, however- I knew I had to find a deodorant to get me through the season that not only wasn’t filled with potentially harmful chemicals- but also worked well, too.

The search left me exhausted, until I stumbled on Madame Lemy deodorant powder, that is. Vegan, cruelty-free and not loaded with chemicals or aluminum- this lightweight powder can be used as deodorant, dry shampoo, or body powder. It comes in four beautiful scents (rose, lavender, lemon and lime) with a gentle puff for application and in refillable containers in the most beautiful of packaging.

This deodorant works- and it works amazingly. I’ve been using it throughout June and it has consistently kept me dry and fresh. It’s fun, and even a little luxurious to apply- and you can’t beat the prices per container considering a little goes a long way. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to normal stick deodorants after this!

Now that mask mandates have been lifted here in Massachusetts and I’m able to reveal the lower half of my face again- I’ve been trying to show my lips some extra TLC since they’re not in hiding anymore. That means gentle exfoliation, hydration- and pops of fun colors.

Overnight lip masks help, too- to boost recovery, softness and plumpness- and I am in love with this fruit butter mask from Seraphine Botanicals. Loaded with moisturizing oils that hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth while I sleep- my pout has never looked better- even during the hottest time of the year.

And finally, the heat and the sun can bring out minor blemishes from within my already sensitive skin- and rather than try to compensate by over-exfoliating or cleansing- I’ve turned to the miracles of light therapy to zap problematic pimples, reduce redness, and kill any bacteria lingering on my skin.

This pocket-sized blue LED device from reVive Light Therapy has been a skin-saver (and life-saver) this month. By simply placing the light on blemishes or troublesome areas for three minutes- twice a day- I’ve seen inflammation and redness significantly decrease while the pimples themselves completely disappear with no discoloration or dry patches in just a couple of days.

The device can be used with batteries or by connecting a USB cord- making it perfect for on-the-go. It’s easy to use, easy to clean- and is so simple to add into your daily skincare regimen!

That just about does it for the FAVORITES I was able to photograph with ease- but as always- a few other things made the list this month, as well!

– Music/Movies/Television –

Loki – Another Marvel mini-series that has been completely knocking it out of the park, “Loki” premiered earlier this month on Disney+ and it has been SO much fun to watch every week. My love of Tom Hiddleston and the character aside, of course- the series has been a funny, silly and action-packed form of escapism to break up the monotony of my work week- and it gives me something to look forward to every Wednesday when new episodes premiere.

Definitely give it a watch if you haven’t started it yet!

Desert Daze” – When I’m working from home, I’m usually listening to podcasts and playlists- and a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on this calming, drive-through-the-desert-inspired playlist on Spotify that features a plethora of chill, sort-of-electronic tracks that have been great- not only while I’m focusing on tasks at work or around my apartment- but for a laid-back Summertime vibe, too.

The playlist features a trippy, cartoon cacti cover- so be sure to seek it out!


And that just about does it for my favorites from June! A small but effective assortment of items and entertainment. I’m looking forward to seeing what makes the cut in July- although all of these things will most certainly carry over into the next few weeks, too!


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