Local Loves: Del’s Lemonade

If you grew up in New England, chances are you spent an occasional Summer day/weekend at any of the beautiful beaches or seaside communities Rhode Island has to offer and, if you did- then you certainly enjoyed a Del’s frozen lemonade more than once since their trucks were always close by the shore or the street. One of my favorite traditions this time of year- every year, without fail- is grabbing treats from Del’s as they make what is hands down the best lemonade on the East Coast.

Although Del’s- a still-family-owned-business- was conceived all the way back in Italy in 1840, the company made it’s debut in Rhode Island in 1948 with their first lemonade stand in the city of Cranston. Since then, their presence in New England has grown considerably- with multiple stands and some of their products sold in local grocery stores as to provide easier access for those of us residing outside The Ocean State. If I see bottles available while I’m shopping- I grab as many as I can. They’re so refreshing- especially on a hot day,

This past weekend, while passing through Cumberland, Rhode Island- I stopped by one of Del’s original stands for a frozen lemonade and a warm, soft pretzel. Their service is always fast and friendly- so even when there’s a line- it never lasts too long. Case in point- although quite a few people seemed to have the same idea as me on Saturday afternoon- I was in and out with my snacks in only a couple of minutes and for just under $5.

Although replicating Del’s frozen lemonade recipe is next to impossible- they do sell kits on their website to make their unfrozen version (as well as kits that include other Rhode Island must-haves, too!) at home. You can also have Del’s cater your next big event with one of their push carts or trucks- which I absolutely plan on doing the next time I throw a massive party…

… Or I’ll just have the truck park outside my apartment so I can keep getting frozen lemonades throughout the day while I work from home. That’s also an option.


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