OOTD: Coastal Casual

I think when a lot of people who have never traveled to the Northeast try to imagine Summer along the coast in New England, they picture weekend clambakes, plenty of lobster rolls, historic lighthouses and beautiful bike paths overlooking the shorelines- and they’re not wrong. We have plenty of that and more this time of year- which is why Summertime in Massachusetts is one of my favorite things in the world to experience.

And I also think when a lot of people who have never traveled to the Northeast try to imagine how people along the coast in New England dress during the Summer- they picture the villains of every summer camp-themed movie ever made (with the exception of the ‘Friday The 13th’ movies.) You know the characters I’m talking about- the snobby, elite kids who loosely tie their cardigan sleeves around their necks and constantly wear polo shirts, khaki shorts and drink expensive wine while planning to take over a rival camp for some reason that’s never fully explained- and that’s actually not too far off the mark, either. You definitely see a lot of that style in places like Cape Cod and parts of Rhode Island- but for the most part- I think we dress pretty cute (and comfortable!)

Case in point- one of my favorite ensembles to wear when I’m by (but not actually on) the beach borrows a little bit of that preppy style without being too stuffy. These rust-hued cuffed shorts from Dear John are insanely comfortable, flattering and surprisingly easy to dress up or down with plain tees or fancier tops depending on the occasion. I chose the knit top shown in the photos since it was going to be hot out during the afternoon. For footwear, I have been loving and living in my slip on sneakers from Sperry– which are super cozy and have the cutest brown barrel laces.

And finally, for when the sun starts to set and the ocean air gets a bit of a chill to it- I keep my cream-colored denim jacket from Market & Spruce within reach. I love a good denim jacket- and the color and fit of this one makes it feel and look a little more dressy than a casual blue one (which I also own and wear to more laid-back gatherings and events!)

I love wearing this outfit for an ocean-side drink/dinner, shopping on a boardwalk- or just taking in the views of the ocean from my car while I’m cruising up the coast on the weekends. It’s pure New England style- but without that unexplained feud with a rival camp I mentioned earlier.

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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