OOTD: The Sorbet Sweater

Although Spring has Sprung and we’ve officially made it through Easter- there’s still a chill in the air here in New England. While the days (and nights) aren’t quite warm enough to ditch the outerwear entirely just yet- it’s also not frigid enough to have to bundle up in layers upon layers in order to keep comfortable when outdoors. During these next few weeks, it becomes all about lightweight and practical pieces that will help bridge the transitional gap between those last days of Winter and the warmer, breezier days of early Spring.

One of my newer favorites to bring into the mix is this multi-colored knit cardigan sweater by Lauren Conrad. With soft pink, orange and red tones- this long-sleeved sweater (which can be tied in the front of needed) could easily remind someone of the hues of a Summer sunset- but I got more of a sorbet vibe the first few times I wore it.

I also just really love sorbet, so…

Easy to dress up or down and pairing well with both my casual and more dressier clothes/ensembles in my wardrobe- this sweater keeps me warm without the heaviness or the scratchiness and itchiness you can sometimes get from other, more Winter-appropriate materials.

I recently wore this with a reddish-orange top (that matched the sweater perfectly) and skinny jeans while out and about- but I know this will also look great when draped over sundresses or beachwear come the Summertime if and when I need a little coverage after the sun goes down.

It’s lightweight, but cozy and warm- which is perfect in Massachusetts since our weather tends to be a bit more on the unpredictable side!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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