OOTD: Plush and Green

When it comes to holiday parties- I love a good, tacky and absolutely hideous Christmas sweater as much as the next person- but some events call for something a little more fancy or professional looking. Christmas Eve dinner with my family? The annual company holiday get-together (postponed until next year, obviously.) Christmas card photos with my dog? I want to look nice and put together to commemorate whatever the festive occasion may be.

And nothing is more festive or easier to style than a rich, green velvet dress- courtesy of ModCloth!

I picked up this low-cut, bell-sleeved dress a couple of years ago specifically for an after-party following a local theater company’s annual holiday show- and it quickly became one of my favorite pieces to wear when Winter rolled back around New England and Christmastime was right around the corner again.

I typically wear a white or black tank top under this dress, given how low the front dips- and my legs are almost always covered by black tights depending on how cold out it is when I have this on. The dress is pretty loose-fitting on me, which means it’s super comfortable- but I can tie a sash around the waist to make it a little more form-fitting if needed- although I try not to cover up the subtle ruffle going across the front if and when I do.

And the great thing about a plush Hunter green (one of my favorite colors!) is that any type of jewelry looks sensational when paired with it. Silver. Gold. Rose Gold. It all stands out- so I like to go a little over-the-top when I accessorize. Chandelier earrings. Cuff bracelets. Stacked rings. The works.

I’m hoping that I’ll have at least one holiday function to wear this dress to this year- even if it’s as something as simple as making gingerbread cookies in my kitchen on Zoom for a virtual Christmas party with my friends or co-workers. I’ll take what I can get!

(Photos by Dan!)


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