A Few of My Favorite Things: July 2020

It’s hard to believe July is just a few days shy of being over and we’ll officially be in August as of this coming weekend. It’s been a very unusual, very unexpected Summer so far- and the next few weeks are looking to be pretty busy and unpredictable for me, as well. I’m excited, and admittedly a little nervous given I’ll be traveling out of state for the first time in what feels like forever- but mostly excited.

But before I wax poetic on this past month (that comes a little later on in the week) and talk about what I’ve got coming up on my schedule in the near future- I wanted to share a few of my favorite odds and ends from July- from tropical hair accessories to new albums and pocket-friendly hair sanitizers. I had quite a few products and Summery obsessions as of late- and was able to photograph some of them over the weekend in-between swimming and surfing in Ogunquit, Maine.

So let’s take a look before I start talking about music, Netflix obsessions, and miscellaneous things I loved along the way!

I have been a Sun Bum enthusiast for years. Their sunscreens are lightweight, effective, non-greasy or pore-clogging. Their shampoos/conditioners/sprays and styling creams are *perfect* for thick and curly hair like mine- and their lip balms aren’t sticky and they taste amazing. All of their products, which are cruelty-free- smell divine- like ripe bananas, coconuts and kiwis.

To say their brand is all I wear during the Summer wouldn’t be an exaggeration- but one of my favorite products is this weekly detoxing shampoo. Given how often I’m in the ocean or working up a sweat in this heat- this shampoo refreshes my curls and deeply cleans/nourishes my scalp to give me a gentle but effective wash. I use this once a week- and it brings my hair back to life.

I’m admittedly not wearing a ton of makeup these days, and many days I’m makeup-free since I’m working from home and hitting the beach as much as I can- but even on days where I’m au naturale, my skin needs an occasional pick-me-up- especially when the temperatures are soaring. I get sweaty and shiny- and Avène Thermal Spring Water is the refreshing aerosol spritz I need to instantly cool me off and revive my complexion.

What I love about this fragrance-free spray is that it can be used for a lot of different things other than just cooling off. It’s effective with soothing sun burns, rashes, shaving irritation, etc. I keep a small bottle in my purse at all times- and a larger one at home on my bathroom counter so I always have one nearby!

With hand sanitizers finally making their way back to the shelves after disappearing in the early stages of COVID-19- I made sure to stock up on quite a few pocket-sized ones for easy transport and accessibility if I needed to clean my hands but didn’t have a sink/soap available (see: after pumping gas, using the ATM, so on and so forth.) 

I’ve always loved Bath & Body Works fragrances- and their hand sanitizers are no exception. They’re just as powerful as Purell- but without the gross rubbing alcohol scent and are much easier to carry in my bag. I’m a big fan of this Watermelon Lemonade one- which has me craving a big glass of watermelon sangria every time I use it. It’s lovely!

Although I tend to stick to Sun Bum’s sunscreen, I also want a bit of a bronze without putting my skin in harm’s way by laying out in the sun for too long. On days when I need a little color and some SPF at the same time- I turn to this aerosol sunscreen from Australian Gold with SPF 30.

This product applies evenly and dries quickly- without turning me orange or leaving me streaky. My tan looks natural and subtle- which is all a pasty girl like me could want this time of year!

And quickly switching back to Bath & Body Works products again- and specifically- Summertime fragrances, but I’ve been lathering up with this pink watermelon body wash on the regular and I’m going to miss it when the season is over and/or I run out of it.

One thing I’ve always loved about B&BW body washes is that they’re gentle and soften my skin- and always smell powerful (without being gross.) This watermelon/lemon mixture stays on me for hours after I get out of the shower and puts me in an island getaway sort of mood.

And finally, in the age of COVID-19 when I haven’t been able to see my stylist in months- you learn to improvise when it comes to making your hair look fresh and cute. These foam clips (I have six total in different colors) have quickly become my go-to accessory when covering up my roots and giving my hair a fun, tropical twist.

These clips are strong, durable, and stay in place all day/night. I usually only wear one above my ear- but same days I get a little creative and work them into and around messy ponytails and buns. They’re a lot of fun!

And that just about does it for the things I was able to photograph this past weekend- but as always- there’s more!

– Movies/Music/Television –

“Unsolved Mysteries” – Who else loves watching super creepy, pretty scary stories RIGHT before bed? Just me? Okay. Anyway, this reboot of the series- available on Netflix- was one of my favorite binges in July. From mysterious deaths, disappearances, UFOs (that story actually happened not too far from where I’m living now- which is a bit unsettling)- I was hooked and powered through the entire season in just a couple of days.

I think I’ll be able to sleep with the lights off again by September, if I’m lucky?

Taylor Swift – “Folklore” – I know it’s a little early for me to be putting together my Autumnal playlist- but nearly every song from this surprise album Ms. Swift dropped on us is going to make the cut. It’s haunting, sad, calming and beautiful all at once- and I’ve been listening to it non-stop over the past few days. Her song with Bon Iver stands out for sure- but the entire track listing is pretty perfect.

With all that being said- that was my favorites for July 2020! A lot of beach-friendly buys and Netflix/Spotify binges to get me through another month of social distancing and quarantine.

I can’t wait to see what makes the list in August!


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