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When I was a kid, Summer vacations always consisted of at least one trip to Mystic, Connecticut with my family- typically for a day spent at the aquarium, followed by dinner and ice cream at Olde Mistick Village across the street. I’d always come home happy, full of French fries and soft serve- and wanting a pet beluga whale.

Of course, now that I’m older- I’ve grown to appreciate Summertime day trips to Mystic for a little more than just sweets and sea lions (I still love those, though.) The quaint and picturesque seaport has beautiful scenery, unique stores and plenty of fine dining options- as well as a couple of famous locations that attract tourists from all over, too.

This past weekend, with our masks and Oliver in tow- I treated my mom to a socially distanced trip to town for some shopping and snacks in the sunshine. She hasn’t been in a few years, so I knew she’d enjoy revisiting the area and getting out of the house for a while.

Unlike my recent trips to New Hampshire, everyone in Mystic was (thankfully!) following mask protocols and keeping safe distances from one another. It definitely put our minds at ease and made the excursion even more enjoyable since we weren’t constantly stressing out about people getting too close to us. Oliver had a fantastic time, too. He’s so curious about everyone and everything- and he was all about us sharing our “Shark Fins” (mozzarella wedges) with him.

While in Mistick Village, I stopped by a couple of my favorite shops- UNA Boutique and Becca Rose (where I always buy so many lovely soaps.) It was nice to feel a little normal again- even if it was just for a few hours and even if I was just doing something as simple as browsing a few storefronts.

And of course, on the way home I stopped by to grab some takeout from Mystic Pizza– popularized by the 1988 rom-com of the same name that starred Julia Roberts. Their cheese pizza is, in my opinion- the best on the East Coast- and absolutely worth a couple hours’ worth of driving to get your hands on. My mom, who had never had it before- is now a dedicated fan just like me. I have a feeling we’ll be making another trip to Connecticut before the Summer is officially over.

I think as we ease into more phased re-openings and new safety protocols- and I’m feeling comfortable enough to actually sit down in a restaurant again (whenever that may be!) I may share some of my other favorite dining spots along the waterfront in Mystic. There’s so many- but for now I’m okay with just traveling, grabbing quick takeout and eating at home, instead.

And I’ll be sure to bring Oliver with me again when I do!


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