OOTD: Southern Belle Dress

I know that Mother’s Day can be challenging for a lot of different people for a lot of different and deeply personal reasons- made even more stressful and frustrating by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols. I consider myself to be fortunate in that I have a strong bond with my own mother- and that prior to the current situation- had been able to see her and spend time with her regularly.

My mother and I have worked out a system that allows us to briefly see each other while simultaneously following Massachusetts and CDC guidelines for flattening the curve and keeping ourselves and each other safe. Every two weeks (about as long as it takes for anyone potentially carrying coronavirus to show symptoms after first contracting or coming into contact with it)- if my mom and I are both feeling well and NOT showing any signs of being sick- I bring her food and supplies, and after some excessive hand washing and disinfecting, we hang out for a little while.

From there, we give it another two weeks to make sure we’re both still healthy and feeling good before I return with more food/supplies and have a quick visit. It’s become something to look forward to in grim times- and although some people may say we’re being reckless or irresponsible- I argue that I’m helping my mother, who is in her sixties, through a global crisis the only way I can see possible at this time without forcing her to brave grocery stores and complete strangers by herself.

This past weekend was our two week mark, and I made the trip out with food, supplies, and presents- all while wearing a face mask- to visit my mom for Mother’s Day and make sure she was okay. And given that it was a lovely and sunny day- albeit a little chilly out- I opted to dress nice for the occasion.

I recently purchased this light blue, floral detailed maxi dress, called the “Southern Belle Dress” from Basil and Blush. With a lightweight lining and elastic waist- this dress is ridiculously comfortable, easy to move around in- and is such a beautiful piece to wear during the Spring/Summer.

It definitely stood out in the garden- which has long since overgrown during the pandemic and unpredictable weather.

This isn’t the first purchase I’ve made from Basil and Blush- who are one of my favorite independent clothing companies with fair and affordable pricing- but it’s definitely one of my favorites. I have a feeling I’ll be perusing their swimwear collection soon. Weather permitting, of course.


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