OOTD: Light and Breezy

With May officially here and the forecast finally calling for some sunshine in the days ahead- I’ve started the process of packing up my Fall/Winter clothes, shoes and accessories to put into storage for a few months while simultaneously unpacking my Spring/Summer wardrobe. It’s a fun little closet rotation and much-needed organization I get to do twice a year.

Sometimes I find things I don’t wear anymore or that don’t quite fit the way I want and donate them for those who can style them in their own unique way- and other times I find things I completely forgot I owned and get to wear them like they’re new brand new again.

But there’s one simple Springtime ensemble I wear all the time- especially since it tends to rain here in New England quite a bit this time of year (I think we only had a handful of rain-free days for the entire month of April!) Comfortable jeans, a cotton t-shirt, and water-resistant ankle boots are my go-to- be it for running errands, going for a hike in the woods, etc.- and it’s a loose fitting and lightweight jacket that pulls it all together.

I’ve been obsessed with this neutral-tone, super soft, ribbed sweater coat from DONNI lately- which pairs well with nearly everything I own and always looks super chic- but it also keeps me warm, too. A little layering goes a long way here in the Northeast where the temperatures and weather can change in an instant.

I usually have this on when I go for social distancing walks in the wilderness or short drives through the mountains for some fresh air- and it always keeps me feeling cozy and comfortable.

It’s also easy enough to dress up or down with the right accessories and shoes. Personally, I’ve been enjoying keeping it simple with my brown boots and cropped blue jeans- but I know that it would still look very pretty if I wore it over a nice sundress with some strappy sandals and a few layered necklaces on a warmer day, too.

Best of all, though? It has pockets – REAL pockets!

What more could I ask for?


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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