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Although I’ve never experienced a global pandemic before, I think it goes without saying that in times like these- with social distancing, mandated quarantines and lockdowns- a lot of small businesses take a significant financial hit. Restaurants and bars, family-owned shops, salons and spas- nearly all of them have had to close their doors as a result of the quickly escalating coronavirus situation and, sadly- many will not be able to recover when all of this is finally over.

I’ve had some friends lose their main source of income overnight and others who are self-employed start to panic about how they’re going to make ends meet and pay their bills. It’s both heartbreaking and sobering. I’m extremely grateful that I have a job where I can work from home and still generate a paycheck- although I’ve been unable to broadcast my Saturday show on Indie617 (which is driving me nuts because I really, really miss it.)

I digress. I’ve recently teamed up with one of my favorite clothing and accessory companies- who have been championing empowerment and resilience long before this pandemic started- as they try to help female-owned/operated businesses and organizations during this difficult time.

The Boss Babes Company, which originates from my beloved Boston- design super cute (and comfy!) clothing and accessories- all featuring messages that celebrate women and womanhood while simultaneously building a safe and supportive community for “Boss Babes” from all walks of life who are making it in the working world.

With every purchase, The Boss Babes Company makes a donation to both local and global companies and charities who are actively attempting to assist and empower women in the work force. That assistance is needed now more than ever as we continue forward in these uncertain times.

** And I understand that things are rough right now- and every saving and discount helps- so if you use the code COFFEEANDCHIFFON at checkout, you’ll get 30% off of your entire order. **


I want to thank The Boss Babes Co. for letting me help out, and to everyone who supports them and their mission. The world and this pandemic feel a little less scary when you know people are still out there and they’re looking out for one another.


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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